Wonderful Wednesday 7 November 2018


Hello one and all, and welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday.

I’m in my stride at the moment, and a lot of that has to do with this being a lovely time of year. It’s all about new beginnings and throwing out the old. Like the trees, it’s a good time to reflect on the past and discard that which no longer serves you, as my yoga teacher would say. For me that’s friends and clothes I’ve grown out of, mental habits which are negative, judging people too harshly and filling up my diary too much. In their place I’m installing more yoga, watching my baby smile, making time for swimming and trying new teas.

Grass and Trees

On which note – the first of the Wonderful Wednesday hotlist has got to be…

1. Rooibos, Coconut and Cocoa tea. Now THERE’S a combo. I’m not a huge rooibos fan to be honest, although I have a dabble now and again. But WHAT a good idea of someone to add a jot of cocoa to mellow out the strident tang, and a dash of coconut for good measure. Lovely to sipperty sip as I tap out this post.


2. And from a new tea to a new candle. ‘New Forest’ scented, owing to a recent trip there. Full of pine needles and fresh air, it’s an outdoorsy sort of candle for an outdoorsy sort of girl.


3. And with yet another clever segue, though I say it myself; being outdoors has made me all kinds of happy this week. I’ve fitted in quite a few tramps and feel very much like the most real version of myself for it. One was a quick whizz round with Little Miss Roast Chicken, up a track from the river where I’ve spent many a happy pootle. We meandered up a long lane and looked down on the valley in the late afternoon, chimney smoke spiralling from the farms, the sheep skittish at the thought of supper. Another was a solo romp around my old stomping grounds in the South Lakes. A gorgeous, quiet little hill that not many folk know about. The bracken was dying down and the river at the bottom of the valley was full to bursting, making the grass to each side sodden and boggy. It was a calm day with no break in the clouds. Just a couple of passing walkers and my own footsteps for company. And the last was a full Roast Chicken Family outing up the same track I’d wandered along earlier in the week. We moaned and laughed and walked quite quickly, getting hot and feeling alive. A faint drizzle came down on our return as fog descended into the valley.

moor and trees

4. Home made flapjacks. Nowt else to say.

trees and blue sky

5. When your mind’s chatter fades to the background and you can see clearly. In my busy olde life I find it hard, though not impossible, to make the space for this. I prioritise it though – I think I must, else what am I living for? If you practise yoga, you’ll recognise this during shavasana, when your body is exhausted and the breathing has helped your mind slow, slow, slow down to nearly a halt. When it happens, you’ve drifted away to a happy, calm little place and you really do need to ‘bring yourself back into the room’. Through regular yoga, and being aware of the ability to create this special pause, I’m making sure I at least make the space for this to happen every day. Sometimes it does, sometimes not, but I create the space just in case. I stopped by a little tarn on a walk the other day, admiring the view. Everything I’d been worrying about on the walk until that point died down. I just noticed the clear water; the leaves of a tree which had faded to amber like an old tapestry; the sound of the water lapping at some rocks at the edge of the tarn, and the muted colours all around.

trees and shaddows

6. An empty washing basket. Ooh the satisfaction.

trees and track

7. A good film. Films have fallen by the wayside a bit lately, and I’ve started rectifying this. We enjoyed First Man the other night, a really moving, well acted look at the human cost of early space exploration. A film to make you cry and make you wonder. And it’s inspired me to read more about science, a subject I love, but have similarly neglected recently.


8. As someone (John Donne) once said, “No man is an island, entire of itself” and I’ve been reflecting and acting upon that recently. I try to be a strong, brave, self-sufficient sort of woman, and in doing so I am prone to feel unwilling to accept help. It’s not necessary to struggle when others are willing and offering to help, and I need to remember that. Just as I like to make the lives of those around me happy and easy, my friends and family want the same for me, and I’m a very lucky chappess to have this supportive network around me.

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I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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