Wonderful Wednesday 31 October 2018


Wonderful Wednesday has rolled around again, and I’ve been a little haphazard with it, sometimes scribbling away regularly and other times leaving big chunks in between my musings. These last few weeks have been the latter. But it does feel good to list the lovely. Namely:

1. The nip in the air. THE best time of year, as I say at this time EVERY year. But for me and my little family it’s true. Miss Roast Chicken and I had a lovely time pottering around the lakes the other day, walking for miles and miles and playing by the shore. I should have brought gloves though to contend with said nip. I’d far rather be slightly chilly than too hot. This time of year’s perfect for walking, building up a bit of heat with the exertion and warm layers to counteract the cooling air temperatures. Everything feels more real at this time of year. There’s a sharpness to the mountains on the horizon, the scents in the air and the sensations on the skin that make you feel alive.

Wall and Lake

2. Peppermint tea for a cold. Peppermint tea and a dark chocolate ginger biscuit or four, to be precise. I’ve caught some dingy lurgy from somewhere but I’m just going with it. No whinging (except here, and to my husband, and a few friends by email, text and phone call). I’m just going to hunker down with chocolate and tea and wait for it to subside.


3. Light. I read somewhere that photography wasn’t about the objects, but the way light falls. I’m no photographer, but I try and remember that when I’m looking around me now, and especially on my rambles. The light at the moment is crisp and pure, making deep shadows and eye-wateringly bright reflections. A landscape of contrasts. Actually quite hard to photograph.


4. The sounds of nature. The crunchy rustling of leaves; water glugging down streams and lapping the lake shores; rabbits scurrying through undergrowth; geese honking and even seagulls screeching – you name it, if it’s something natural it’s probably lovely đŸ™‚

Leaves and Water

5. Cream cakes for lunch. A friend of mine always brings the best treats round to my house for morning coffee. Almond croissants we warm in the oven and dust with icing sugar, buttery shortbread, chocolate fingers, fruity florentines and fresh, warm scones. The other day she brought enormous chocolate coffee cream cakes. I ate two and didn’t eat again until tea time.

6. On a similar theme; buttered toast. No marmite (shock) but salty, runny butter. On the crispiest white bread as hot as you can make and butter it before sitting down to enjoy. Sometimes; most times, the simple things are the best.


7. An electric blanket in a cold room. They say you sleep best when you are warm but the room is cold. What could be more lovely than toasting your back while you breathe in some fresh autumnal air through a slightly ajar window? It feels like lying in the sun on your front, but backwards, if that makes sense. Does it?

Lake and Sky

8. Balancing.  Sleeping, cooking, swimming, shopping, yoga, working, playing, organising, relaxing, walking, writing, cleaning, learning, socialising, planning. It seems there’s so much I need and want to do with my time at the moment, and I seem to always lead my life balancing on the edge of where stimulation meets stress. When I get the right balance it’s lovely.


And that’s me for the week. For more, hop over to Sally, Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, Peta and Ellie.

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  1. Cat says:

    You very much *are* a photographer, Helen! You always capture such beautiful images. Yes yes to the nip in the air – I love this season so much and am really enjoying all the autumnal walks we’re going on at the moment. Hope you shift your cold soon, sounds like you’re going about it in all the right ways – just make sure you’re balancing a little further away from the stress side (I’m so guilty of this too!) C x


    1. Helen says:

      that is SO nice of you to say that! Not wishing to put myself down (again!) but I do think it’s because I live in such a BEAUT area though! H xx


  2. What a gorgeous list! You had me nodding away to absolutely every one. Especially that nip in the air and the crisp brightness of autumn! Some beautiful photos and lovely words. Have a great rest of your week.
    Kate xx

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