Wonderful Wednesday 18 July 2018

Rushes and Sky

Hola one and all!

How are we all?

I hope everyone who reads this is spending time enjoying the little happy things. They’re what make the world go round, don’t ya know?

Here’s what’s been tickling me lately:

1. A sweet evening reading with the window open. To be honest, I was daydreaming more than I was reading, but of course that’s the best way to enjoy a quiet little sit. The warm day had relaxed into a cooler evening, and the lush garden scents were floating in. It’s such a lovely sensation; to be wafted with a cool breeze at the end of a hot day.

2. And on the subject of hot days, is there a more pleasant feeling than having a cool  shower in the early evening after one? Slipping into a soft swooshy skirt and a loose cotton shirt and feeling squeaky clean. then wandering downstairs to have a drink and dinner with all the windows open, or even better; outside, is just delicious.

Straw Roast Chicken and a Country Walk

3. Leaping into something new. In yoga, that is. Yoga’s one of those slow, slow disciplines where you don’t notice the progress. That’s part of the magic – you’re not supposed to. It’s not about goals or targets, punishing regimes or fighting. It’s about accepting where you are, and what will make you stronger and more stretchy in any given moment. That’s why it’s such a loving, positive thing to do (have I mentioned how much I love yoga?) In a recent class I surprised myself yet again, moving into a position I’d never tried before. In fact, I wasn’t trying, I just got there. Yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga… breathe….. yoga yoga yoga… breathe

Sky and Water

4. A good olde routine. We’ve always been lucky with our little girl, who has been a really good sleeper from when she was very small. We never really pushed a daytime routine though, as it just didn’t seem to work, and made us more stressed than just going with her natural inclinations. Now, as with all things babies, this may be about to change, but at the moment we’re enjoying a nice little routine of her own devising, and you know how much I love a routine. Time is in extremely short supply when you’re a parent, and so knowing when I can grab half an hour to read a book or stretch out on my yoga mat is really really important for making me smile.

5. Planning some good books to read. Next to routine my favourite other thing is planning, and of course the two go hand in hand. We’re off on hols in a few days and I’ve loaded up my kindle with books to read when the midget is (hopefully) tucked up in bed. Reading is so so relaxing when you find the right book – it’s my theory that people who don’t like reading just haven’t found the right book to read.

Rocks and Lake

6. I can’t remember if I’ve written about this here, but one of my other most favourite things in the world to do is a spot of wild swimming. Now before I go on, I feel compelled to say how much the phrase ‘wild swimming’ does my HEAD IN. Where I come from, we’ve always swam in the sea and the lakes, and I’ve never heard ANYONE refer to it as ‘wild swimming’. Now it’s become all popular and it just really annoys me when people have to categorise everything and make it into a ‘thing’. Phew. This is supposed to be #wonderfulwednesday…. so…. swimming in the outdoors is one of the BEST things to do on a warm day. Inhaling huge breaths of fresh air and cutting through the fresh water feels so exhilarating. Noone likes it too cold though, and lately we’ve been blessed with this unusually warm weather which has heated up the lakes and rivers and made them just perfect for dunking oneself into.

7. The smell of suncream. Summer holidays, no?


8. A Disney film and a tub of ice cream. Saturday night gold dust.

flower bed

9. The smell of the garden in the evening. It’s just so LUSH at the moment isn’t it? I mean, the lawn’s knackered with lack of rain, but before this strange drought we got enough water for the bushes and shrubs to just explode. There’s a tangle of honeysuckle at the bottom of our garden and lately I’ve realised why it got it’s name!

House and Tree

10. Fruit breakfasts. I haven’t had porridge for ages! Instead I’ve been having smoothies with mango, peach and a spot of coconut milk, bananas and strawberries, sweet white nectarines and huge wedges of watermelon. I can’t get enough. My appetite’s diminished lately in all this heat – I just want ALL the fruit and tons of water.

And that’s it folks, but I leave you with my favourite picture in this post, taken in the heat of one of the hottest days we’ve had, when walking through that dappled shade was a dreamy respite from the sun’s rays high overhead. For more – you know the score – Sally, Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, and Peta and Ellie.

Dappled Shade

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sally says:

    ah HELENNNNNNNNNNN i just LOVE your posts!!!! This list is THE BEST!!!! Yes to fruit – i’m all about fruit so juicy you have to stop it dribbling down your arm! I love how our natural cravings follow the weather and the seasons too, don’t you !?!

    Your ‘Wild swimming rant’ had me chuckling – we’ve been salty sea swimming for years – being outdoors in open water is THE best fixer!

    I ADORE these photos – they do this post JUST as much justice as every last word.

    Have the best hols xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peta says:

    Oh Helen what a lovely post, it’s made me feel all content and joyful. Yoga truly is the bee’s knees as is reading. I love your photos and finding your own routine is brilliant.
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx

    Liked by 1 person

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