Wonderful Wednesday 2 May 2018


Happy midweek everyone!

It’s the lushest, greenest, fullest time of the year and it’s pretty bloomin’ lovely up here in the North. I’m all for finding the lovely little things that make me smile and remembering that I’ve got a whole lorra loveliness to be thankful for. And here’s what made the cut this week:

1. A man walking along the street, smiling to himself. I’ve no idea what it was about. Was he remembering a joke? Was he thinking of a loved one? Was he excited about wherever he was heading? A really little thing, but so nice to see.

2. Just yoga, again. I don’t really know what else to say about yoga. I’ve mentioned it so many times in these little happy round ups. Just that it’s a little bit like falling in love. This week, I was so relaxed by the end I just didn’t want to get up and ‘bring myself back into the room’. It was a really hard class, with lots of strengthening poses that I found really challenging. But often the more difficult I find it the greater the relaxation at the end. I loved a moment in the class where the breathing of all us yogis was in sync. A group of total strangers: young, old, fit, unfit, newbies and old timers, we came to a point where the whole room felt like it was inflating and relaxing as we breathed in and out.


3. All this GREEN. Such a cheery colour. We’ve got the rich green of the oak leaves; the glowing green grass; the deep glossy camellia leaves and the yellowing green of some farm fields which look like they’ve already been cut for hay. It’s such a positive time of year, a time to feel alive and a time to look forward.


4. A really good loaf of bread. I mostly make my own bread, but lately I’m craving a crust. You see, I make it in a breadmaker and it’s really hard to get a good crust (tips, anyone?) Yesterday I popped into a bakery and got the tastiest loaf of bread with the crispiest chewiest crust ever. I dolloped a big heap of buttery scrambled eggs on top with a scattering of thinly sliced ham and gobbled the lot for lunch.

5. And speaking of gobbling; gelato so good me and Mr Roast Chicken only made it a few minutes down the road before we retraced our steps and went back for more. Him: deep dark rich chocolate. Me: dulce de leche. Why is gelato better than ice cream?


6. Cutting the grass. So so satisfying. I don’t actually like gardening. Like housework however, I undertake quite a lot of gardening (well – weeding and mowing) for the after-effects. There’s something lovely about sitting on cut grass. Sitting on it all bouncy and springy feels like a real luxury. The smell is rather nice too.

Light and Tree

7. Mr Roast Chicken. For always being there, particularly this week when I had a Big Bad Cold 🙂

And that’s my happy list this week. Thanks, as ever, to Sally for always being there (soz for my absence of late Sally!) and coming up with the whole idea, and for more, head on over to Sally, Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, and Peta and Ellie.

I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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