Wonderful Wednesday 25 April 2018


LAkeEh Oh ladies and gents.

Hope you’re all fine and dandy on this lovely jubly Wednesday.

It’s apparently the most depressing day of the week. Too far from the last weekend and too long to wait until the upcoming weekend. I can believe that. And so I’ll be forever grateful to Sally for giving and encouraging the space to sing all that is good and great each week, and rounding up on a Wednesday to cheer us all up πŸ™‚

I and the gang (see below) join in with her endeavours, spreading a little bit of happiness in the humdrum and the bleak. It makes us feel better. Better to be noticing the good things, and also better for reading the lists of the rest of the women. And hopefully – making anyone else out there who stumbles across our blogs smile πŸ™‚

And here’s my little list for this week:

1.Β  Savage Garden’s Affirmation. Because it’s all true.

2. The rest of that album. Not sure whether it’s because a) The lyrics are great or b) Because it reminds me of my youth (sob) but I’m just loving it at the moment. Some music just touches you at different moments doesn’t it? Whether it’s a poignant Chopin Sonata I attempted at school or a song from a musical that takes me back to some teenage heartbreak, I can just listen to something and be taken back in time. It’s the same with certain scents. More so I think.

3. (Nearly) Living in the country. The other night I was coming out of an event I’d been involved in and heard a woman speaking. She said to another woman she’d seemingly met outside, “I KNEW I’d met you before – we came over to your farm to get some hay from you last year.”

4. A nice day out. Up early, sun shining, map consulted, sat nav programmed, boots on, car packed, baby packed (new and slightly inconvenient addition to our previous jollies), sunglasses on, car radio on and Off We Go. A day of hot weather and ice creams. Of trees and grass and flowers and bees. Of the wind in the trees and a slight stinging on our sunburned cheeks. Of smiling and laughing and the obligatory bicker over a suitable spot to stop for lunch.

5. Embracing my inner hippy. After a wee bit of encouragement from Lucy I’m trying to remember to live with nature and with mindfulness a little bit more. Remembering that we really don’t need all this plastic. Remembering to live for the moment. And actually live for the moment. If you think about what that means and really do it you can be so much calmer and happier. One of my own little changes in line with this way of thinking is to keep my phone switched off. I’ve been struggling with how to manage phone use lately. Now before you smirk – how much time do you spend scrolling through the internet? And do you feel better for it? Exactly. So I’m going to keep my phone turned off and see how I go. If I want to use it to make a call, text someone, check my emails, look up the weather, or read the news then I shall do so. If I wish to spend an easy and mindnumbing 20 minutes scrolling through youtube, then I shall do so. But otherwise, it will be turned off. And hopefully I’ll be doing more interesting and lovely things instead like reading New Scientist and watching my daughter smile.

6. And from the sublime… a MACDONALDS. Yes peeps. I’m at it again. That sweet bun. That thin salty burger. And that little slice of orange heaven. #notfeelingguilty And by the way have you tried their new ‘posh’ range? What’s the point? It’s MACDONALDS!

And that’s it – if you’re craving more – never fear – hop over to Sally, Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, and Peta and Ellie.


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  1. Peta says:

    Oooh what a lovely list of loveliness Helen!! I ADORE that the ladies knew each other from collecting hay!! Thank you for popping a smile on my face my love!
    Peta x

    Liked by 1 person

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