Wonderful Wednesday 28 March

Tarn and Mountain

Happy Wonderful Wednesday everyone. What’s been happening? I’m collecting all kinds of happy thoughts this week after a BUSY spell. I really don’t like being busy. I like to catch my breath each day and notice what I’m doing. I was once making arrangements to be picked up by someone on the way to a rehearsal. He said, “let’s arrive half an hour early. We can look at the ducks for a few minutes outside and catch our breath before we start”. Wise words.

Tree on Common

Here’s my collection this week:

1. Hello dusk chorus! You remind me of summer, particularly summer evenings in London wandering along the riverbank listening to the sweet little birds singing their last songs of the day before they hit their twiggy pillows. I used to race home from work, have a super quick shower, get into my comfiest jogging pants and head out for a walk at that most special time of day, when the world is shutting down for the night. Buses would roar past, runners would pant and drivers would toot their horns, irate in their rush to get home after what was probably a stressful commute. I used to cross the bridge and on the other side it was just a footpath flaking the river. The road noise was fainter on that side and I could hear the ducks and the blackbirds. These days I’m hearing them in my little garden – blackbirds, that is, not ducks. I don’t have a duck pond. On a side note do you remember the politician who claimed expenses for the cleaning of his duckpond? Back to the blackbirds. They hang out in the trees and chirrup their way into the evening as the sun sets. Yet another sign of changing seasons that fills me up with smiles.


2. Bilberry jam. You heard it here first. Or maybe you didn’t? Bilberry jam + porridge = a breakfast that tastes like a fruit crumble. Not a shabby way to start the day; indeed, one of the finest.

Tree on Common

3. Roses. Glorious deep pink roses unfolding and uncurling and just BLOOMING out all over. Not so glorious when I lassoed the vase with the hoover cable and spilt them all over the floor, but now restored to their upright stance they’re looking buxom and beautiful.


4. Doing that job you’ve been putting off for ages. In my case: removing the chicken wire someone at some point had decided was a good idea to install EVERYWHERE in the garden. It’s GONE. And the garden looks so much better. Next job I’ve been putting off for ages…. Painting The Gate. (And watch this space, as I have a feeling that ‘A Newly Painted Gate’ might be winging its way into a Wonderful Wednesday post very soon.)

Tree Landscape

5. Smelling freshly cut grass. Smelling freshly cut grass because it smells nice, but also smelling it because it means that someone thought that it needed to be cut, which meant it has recently grown, which means…er… SPRING!


Tarn and Wall

6. Turning off my phone. It’s not so much the phone. It’s specifically the smartphone that I enjoyed turning off. A few hours (and I only managed a few hours) not checking the weather, the news, my calendar, my emails, twitter, blogs, my photos and other nonsense (for the most part) was a welcome break for my poor tired brain. At the end of the afternoon I had the sense of being 21 again, and I’m wondering if that’s because I was that age when I last led a smartphone-free existence. I worry about what smartphones are doing to our lives. More specifically to our minds. I worry that modern lives are already more busy than we are really designed to cope with, and that smart phones add to this mania with their encouraging of the constant recording and sharing of our busy lives. Are our brains not already saturated? What do people think?

Stepping Stones

Tree and Farmland

7. Going back to an old route. An old route I’ve walked along time and time again. Parking the car in that old spot which isn’t marked on the map so doesn’t get too full. Stomping across the road and down the path. Across the river and then alongside the river. Up to the moorside. Round by the tarn and up to the hill. Look at the view. Get your head blown off by the wind, usually. Wind back round. Spend some time dropping a few sticks on one side of the bridge and seeing them sail under on your way back round to make the walk last a little longer. I do love familiarity.


Track on Common

8. New PJs, clean sheets, bath, bed. Spot on.

Mountain and Common

And that’s my Wonderful Wednesday round up for this week. If my ramblings weren’t rambling enough you have plenty of options over with the rest of the team: Sally, Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, and Peta  and Ellie.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Peta says:

    oh what a wonderful list of loveliness. I love switching off my phone too and now feel I NEED to give that jam a go! Yay to removing the chickenwire from your garden. What colour will you be painting your fence? Sending lots of love your way Helen! Peta xx


    1. Helen says:

      Sorry for the late reply – but so glad you enjoyed reading! The gate will be just plain black – then I won’t get bored of it! H xx


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