Wonderful Wednesday 14 March 2018

Tree and Clouds

It’s supposed to be #wonderfulwednesday but this week’s been pretty awful. Exhaustion, illness, stress and the odd panic attack have all featured, as has the odd retreat into a couple of wine-dazed stupors to combat all of the above.

But that’s what this is about isn’t it? To find the fun among the grot? To celebrate the small and the seemingly insignificant?


and so hidden in the difficulties of the week, I’ve found:

1.  Exhilaration in the form of meeting a friend in the swimming pool. Through a good olde gossip we pushed ourselves to a good 15 minutes or so more swimming that we would otherwise have managed. We were also the only ones in the pool, which is always nice.


2. Turkey. It’s not just for Christmas, girls and boys. It’s absolutely the loveliest way to brighten up an otherwise dull Monday night. With the unorthodox combination of roasties and Mediterranean vegetables it was a delish supper for two 🙂

Trees and Lake

3. Coffee. I don’t particularly want to become a coffee addict – wine is bad enough – but I have enjoyed quite a few coffees lately in various forms. My current fave is a nice iced latte. With semi-skimmed milk and just less than half a shot of gingerbread syrup. Because I don’t like it too rich. And I am now THAT person whose coffee order takes up the best part of five minutes.

Trees and Grass

4. The return of the birds! So the robin’s been hanging out all winter, but I haven’t heard the blackbird for a while. Tonight (Tuesday) was the first day where I started the evening sitting out in the garden (scarf still on) with a tea, listening to the blackbird chirping away. A sound to warm the cockles.


5. The kitchen smelling like my gran’s. I cooked gooseberries to make a delicious porridge topping (mixed with a stewed apple halfway through the batch) and simultaneously made a great big vat of pea and ham soup for the week. I don’t remember my gran either stewing gooseberries or boiling peas, but the smell definitely reminded me of her big farmhouse kitchen in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere op narth.

Tree and Clouds

6. The carpet of purple crocuses which have spurted all over my flowerbeds this week. Looking back, I should perhaps have planted more tasteful colours. Whites and lilacs maybe? However, I planted a shed load of purples and they are BONNY with a capital B. They seem to have spread since last year, or maybe we’ve just had the right conditions, but they’re All Over the Place, and looking lush.


7. Mastering a crow. Yoga, not the bird. And when I say ‘mastering’, I exaggerate. But HOW satisfying, after nearly 2 years (or is it 3?) of yoga, I have finally been able to hold a crow pose for a good few seconds. It’s rather addictive too isn’t it, fellow yogis? Such concentration. And it’s all about the pelvic floor. Who knew?


8. The first trip out without a coat. Always liberating, always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. As I whizzed along, jauntily swishing my scarf around my shoulders (as it wasn’t THAT warm) I passed two old chaps digging spring onions from their allotment patch. When I passed them again on my way home they’d stopped for a rest and a cuppa on a garden bench by their shed. And I thought: life’s really not too bad, is it?

And that’s it. I knew writing this little post would make me get a grip on my extremely privileged, lucky life. I have so much to be thankful for and without sounding too #blessed I should really try and remember it more often.

Have a lovely week team, and if you want a bit more merriment, the GANG are waiting for you: Sally, Jo, Peta, MichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. sally says:

    oh HELEN i’m so so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling a little bit rubbish but this list is HEAVEN! I havent yet sat out in the garden with my tea BUT i did open our french doors the other morning and stood and ate my breakfast with only the greedy starlings for company {they didn’t eat my porridge – they were busy devouring the fat balls a the bottom of the garden!}. I also love the idea of gooseberries and apples as a porridge topping. I always struggle with gooseberries alone as i find them quite sharp and never like to and too much brown sugar but adding in a sweet apple might be the way forward.

    As always, these photos are heaven! Hope you feel better soon and thanks so much for joining in even though you were having a less than lovely week xxxx


    1. Helen says:

      just LOVE gooseberries – just a spoon of caster sugar does it for me! And thanks AGAIN for wonderful wednesdays they’re just the best!! H Xx


  2. Peta says:

    Oh Helen what a lovely list, your soup sounds so yummy and well done on mastering crow pose! Sending lots of love your way, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had such a tough week.
    Peta xx

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