Wonderful Wednesday 7 February 2018

Clouds and Logs

Top of the morning / afternoon / evening to you on this cold cold Wednesday!

I’ve been freezing my little socks off this week, due both to the cold outside and the fact that we chose this week to have a NEW BOILER installed! On the coldest day of the year! Nuts! But we are now toastie and snug and can operate the boiler from our phones (wtf?!!)

Tree and Sky

So here’s what’s made me smile through me mittens this week:

1.  The luvlie daffs. My gran always called them daffs, so I’ll be sticking with that. Obviously they’re not gracing my garden’s presence just yet, although their stems are peaking out from the compost in the pots, promising their sunny yellow blooms very soon! While waiting for this happy happening I picked up a nice bunch from the supermarket, and wondered why I don’t grab a bunch more often when they’re a mere quid a time! They’re starting to smell a bit composty, but I actually rather like that as I can pretend I’m outside whilst keeping myself warm and dry.


2. Days with no plans. I’m all for making plans actually, and I love having treats and holidays to look forward to, but in the past I’ve looked at my diary and seen nothing but black ink (or digital colour blocks, now I’m ALL on the IPhone). On a sidenote, I rather hate my IPhone. If I’m brave enough, I’d like to switch to something more old school. Motorola, anyone? Anyways what I’m saying is that it’s sometimes more preferable to just see white space. Time to be spontaneous. To zip out on a walk when the feeling strikes, or stay in bed when it doesn’t. Time to act on what your body’s telling you it needs on any given day, rather than running around like a loon.

Tree and Moor

3. Toffee vodka. What? Yup. Toffee Vodka. You heard it hear first. Or maybe everyone already knows about this? I was given a little sample in a little tearoom the other day and obviously I had to then buy a mini bottle from which to sip after supper. And my dears it is LUSH. Like toffee, in liquid form, with a warming bite. Superb.

Shaddowy Trees 3

4. New friends. Old friends are great. They know exactly what you’re thinking, before you’ve even thought it yourself. But new friends are pretty swell too. People to give you a new perspective, who ask you questions and make you really THINK. People to learn from. People whose style to copy 🙂


5. Yoga with a happy, smiley yoga instructor. Now, I like really getting INTO it with yoga. I’m that annoying person in the class with their eyes closed doing the whole deep loud breathing thing. Yup. Sorrynotsorry. But I’ve started going to a new class where it’s all a bit more light hearted. We still do all the stuff – all the intense stomach workouts, the balances, the warriors and suchlike, but the instructor is really SMILEY! And I’ve realised that’s sometimes missing from classes. It can get a little intense and serious. It’s been great to stretch and challenge my body whilst also having a giggle these last few weeks.

Shaddowy Trees 2

6. Enjoying the winter. Especially in the Lake District, where the summer is just so incredibly busy. The winter days are quieter, with more intrepid off-season tourists enjoying the magic of the winter light as it oozes behind the trees and fills the lake valleys with a gentle, cold light. You have to wrap up warm and accept that not all of your photos will have piercing blue skies behind the mountains, but in return you get to enjoy quieter roads and even quieter lake shores, with just a thin scattering of visitors for company, the volume turned down on the whole area whilst the cafes and shops have their semi-hibernation period.


And that’s all folks, for now, from me, but here are the other Wonderful Wednesday team members if you’re itching for more Sally, Jo, Peta, MichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    Ooh I long for a boiler I can operate from my phone! There are few things worse than coming home to a freezing cold house after a long day at work!

    I’m trying to think when it was I visited the Lake District years back and yes, it was more than likely during the summer as it was so full of people. You’re really selling the winter visit though – and your photos are absolutely stunning, as ever!

    Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

    C x


    1. Helen says:

      deffo go in winter – it’s another place entirely! H xx


  2. Peta says:

    Oh what a beautiful llist of happiness Helen. It sounds ever so lovely in the Lake District in the winter, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. I adore Daffs too, my Nan used to call the Daffs as well. Your yoga instructor sounds like my kind of person! There’s something so wonderfully lovely about smiley people, I don’t think we have enough of them in this world! Note to self: SMILE MORE!

    Liked by 1 person

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