Wonderful Wednesday 17 January 2018

Rocks and Sky

Hello folk and folkesses how are we all today?

It’s been another whirlwind of a week, but not in a bad way. I’m feeling pretty happy of late. I’m finding myself in the world again after a sleep-deprived state of weirdness following the birth of my little girl a few months ago. I’m remembering what it is to be me, and find the new me. A redefining period, if you like.

And here are the best bits of last week during this transition!

1.  Writing. As well as this space, where I love to pour out my little nuggets of nonsense for all the world to read, I’m writing a book. I’m not sure why, or what it is, or what I hope it to be, but I’m enjoying developing the characters and finding out what makes them tick. It’s strange to feel that they have minds of their own, opinions and thoughts I haven’t consciously created, but seem to be creating themselves. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m engrossed in the process.

2. A bunch of tulips. My mum brought these on a visit yesterday, and they’ve brightened up my living room sommat luvleh. I haven’t bought flowers for ages, and I’d forgotten how they add a freshness and a brightness to a room.

3. And speaking of flowers… here we go… SPRING is coming! Well… I know. Not for a while. But in my garden, I’m happy to announce the arrival of not just the darling snowdrops, but now the happy little crocuses too! The sweet yellow ones have blossomed over the last few days, and they’re such sunny bonny flowers aren’t they?

Tufts on the Beach

4. I’m really not gong to make this a baby blog, but I can’t really list the wonderful things that have happened this week, or any week now, without referring to the most wonderful of all, which I’m so grateful to have every single day, which is my daughter’s smile. I’ve never experienced a single moment of such overwhelming joy as when her little face looks up at me; the hugest, widest smile you’ve ever seen spreading across her face and just beaming with unparalleled radiance. I’m a lucky lucky bunny.

5. And from the sublime to the ridiculous, but so true I can’t omit it – the joy of a Roast Chicken. There’s truth behind my blog title. My latest thing is something Nigella kind-of did, which is to whack a chicken on top of some chopped spuds (I don’t even peel them) and frozen peas, and just stick it in the oven for ninety minutes. Like a 5 minute roast dinner, if you like. And I LIKE.

6. Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets on TV. They’re not really secret though are they? Rich people get to live in lovely homes and live largely lovely lives. But they All Seem Ok, and it’s nice having a nosey ‘backstage’ around these beautiful properties.

7. Speaking of property, I still can’t get enough of Location Location Location. There’s, like, 13 series now but people (ME) are STILL watching it. What is it about that programme? Is it Phil’s suits? Kirsty’s shoes? The perfectly timed scripted comedy? Or just the fact that house prices are ridiculous and all we really want to do is slob around on the sofa in a nice room for most of our lives? Anyways I’ve been catching up on I Player and Just Loving It.


8. A spot of breakfast. I’ve had a few breakfasts out and about the last couple of weeks. I know it’s a Thing, and that it’s been a Thing to do for ages, but I just haven’t. It’s great isn’t it, to leave the house pretty hungry, and have that hunger filled by a steaming full english and hot tea or (perhaps better?) a creamy latte and some avocado on toast?

That’s my little list for now, and I’m so glad the gang is reuniting once again. Here’s the links to the other gang-members if you want a bit more lovely in your life – and why wouldn’t you? Sally, Jo, MichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sally says:

    Oh HELEN this weeks post has given me ALL of the warm and fuzzies! AND OOOHHH MAAAAAA GAAAAAWWWWDDDDD YOU’RE WRITING A BOOOOOOK!!! Can i pre-pre-pre-order please?!?

    This is such a lovely list that i don’t really know where to begin SO i’ll just say:
    YES to that kind of minimal roast!

    YES to any kind of smile – no matter who or where but i can’t even begin to imagine the joy that little ones smile brings.

    OH AND HELL YES TO BLOODY SPRING for my heart and soul NEEEEEEDS it so!

    Big love to you all xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peta says:

    Oh your week sounds wonderful Helen. That smile must brighten your day every single day!! Your book writing sounds ever so interesting, I can’t wait to hear more about it!
    Sending lots of love your way
    Peta x


    Liked by 1 person

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