Wonderful Wednesday 15 November 2017

Grass and Tree

Hello everyone and welcome to Wonderful Wednesday, a round up of all that is lovely in my little world right now.

1.  Fairy lights and candles. And lots of them. One of my favourite parts of autumn is getting the fairy lights out and dotting my little candles about the living room. I tend to pick them up on my travels and get gifted them quite a bit, so they’re a little reminder of the places I go and the people I love.


2. Getting out and about. For various reasons I’ve been a bit cooped up lately. I do love my home and the comfort it brings. Reading quietly in the evenings and watching endless Box Set repeats on Amazon Prime. But maybe because of this late seclusion I hugely appreciated getting out and about last weekend, breathing in the country air and stretching out my little lungs. Autumn is decaying fast into winter and I wanted to catch it before it did.


3. Just porridge. Because? You know it’s just so good.

Branches 2

4. Morrison’s. I know that’s a little bit weird to be showcasing a supermarket in Wonderful Wednesday, but only been in a few times in my life, but recently discovered it’s hidden secrets. Which are, I hear you ask? Well in particular, their sea salt and black pepper crisps, and their beef. Splendid.


5. Discovering a new little cafe in town. Rediscovering I should say. Sometimes I’m a bit guilty of staying safe. Of going to the places I always go, ordering the same things, and being that little bit…dull. A friend lately encouraged me to revisit a place I’d been a while a go and I’m jolly glad I did. It was a vegetarian cafe of sumptuous cakes and vibrant salads. I had a huge salad box piled high with carrot and pumpkin seeds with a sweet and sour thai dressing; a continental coleslaw thick with mayonnaise; a crunchy noodle salad and creamy tangy potatoes cooked with dill and cooled. Sumptuous.


6. These gorgeous berries, spotted while on a wander along the beach.  Hundreds and thousands of pops of colour to brighten up the colder months.

And for more… head on over to the Wonderful Wednesday Gang Sally, Jo, MichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey. who are ready and waiting to brighten up your midweek lives. Enjoy 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Peta says:

    Oh what a wonderful list of wonderfulness Helen! I adore fairy lights and candles this time of year and I must say I’m very guilty of staying at home and also choosing the “safe” option when I actually do venture out too!

    Here’s to discovering/re-discovering new lovel places and venturing out of our comfort zones a little.
    I hope you’re having a lovely week.
    Peta x


    1. Helen says:

      thanks – hope your week is lovely too! H xx


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