Wonderful Wednesday 8 November 2017

Yellow Leaves

Hello one and all – hope the chillier months are treating you well, and that you’ve enjoyed what we’ve got left of the gorgeous autumn leaves.

Round these parts a lot of the leaves were blown away in a big bad storm shortly after they arrived – but they’re now carpeting the pathways and lawns in plentiful mounds just asking to be kicked over with my trusty sturdy brown brushed leather boots.


Without further ado, here’s the little things that have made my heart happy this week:

1. The fact that it’s now cold enough for porridge in the mornings to taste extra specially warm and comforting. Porridge (pictured above) piled with nuts and seeds and the tangiest dollop of stewed gooseberries on the side, which I had stashed away from the early summer. Usually I make my porridge with water – I think the oats are… oatier (?) that way, but for this one, since it was the first of the season, I stirred and stirred some creamy milk in to make it luscious and thick 🙂

Trees and Sky

2. Piling all the blankets on the sofa and snuggling on down. Extra large throws are always better for snuggling in, and together with too many cushions and my perfect huge soft and squishy corner sofa they provide the perfect environment for autumn hibernation in my cosy living room. Add candles for extra hygge. Is hygge still a thing?


3. My nearest and dearest. I should never ever take for granted the love and support of those closest to me. When I’m giggling or sobbing, questioning or self-congratulating, in a quandary or confident in having Sorted Life, they’re there to listen, help and love.

Sun and Leaves

4. A big bubble bath. Especially when it’s been a while. Getting the candles sorted round the bath is a bit of a faff, so I had a daytime bath with the window open as the sun started to set, letting the smell of an allotment bonfire, and the sounds of children returning from a day out drift through the bathroom window, which I left open in the interests of not becoming completely lobsterfied. I scrubbed and moisturised, did the whole hair / nails / skin thing, and came out warm, pink, and feeling a million dollars.

Reflections 3

5. The complete and utter luxury of a full body massage. With Indian Head Massage to follow. What a treat to take a couple of hours out just for me, to be pummeled and pampered to my heart’s content. I’m always fighting off falling asleep in the interests of being fully awake and experiencing every moment, but sometimes the temptation is just too great. Absolutely love treading the fine line between pain and utter release.

Reflections 2

6. Leaves, leaves and more leaves. Leaves on the ground, to crunch and kick through. Leaves up close, when you can admire their perfect symmetry. And best of all, leaves high up in the trees where they belong, swaying in the wind with the light shining through them.


7. Autumn. It’s the best time of year. A time of change; bittersweet moments where Summer recedes into a distant memory and you can hardly remember what it was like to be warm. A time for getting the tealights out and dotting them around the room, their faint glinting lighting up the wall behind them. The evenings when it gets dark before 6 and it’s a little treat to close the curtains and light the room softly from lamps in the nooks and crannies. A time when damson crumble is just so perfectly right, and where sharp salads are just out of the question. When the busy Michaelmas term is underway and the sounds of Christmas carols echo down school corridors and church halls. When you smell chimney smoke for the first time and it’s too late in the season to pretend you no longer need the central heating. Firework night. Sausage and mash. The first frost, and the winter duvet. It’s the snuggliest most nostalgic time.

light and Leaves

8. Downton Abbey. I’m in the middle of watching it all from the beginning, and loving the fashions and the wonderful Maggie Smith. And want to be Lady Mary, just a little.


That’s it for the little and the lovely this week. If you’re hankering for more – check out the wonderful Sally, who compiles a weekly list, plus her followers Jo, MichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey.

Leaves 2

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  1. Peta says:

    Oooh I always want to be Lady Mary too!!! I’m loving blankets this Autumn, they’re just so cosy and wonderful and I think I’m going to have a bath now too! What a lovely list of happy things Helen.
    I hope you have a wonderful week.
    Peta x

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