Wonderful Wednesday 6 September 2017


I don’t know where to start with this post since it’s been rather a while…

In typical blogger fashion I could decry the passing of time, the wondering of where on earth summer got to, and the anticipation autumn brings.

But as many, many others will write extensively on those subjects, I’ll save this little spot for the little things that have made my busy little head stop and wonder recently:

1.  Deep breathing. Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. With work, with my own thoughts, with life in general. I’ve been taking the BIGGEST juiciest breaths in the evenings whilst listening to my fave relaxing tracks on spotify and it’s keeping me a little saner!

2. This little space. I’ve missed you blog! Sometimes it’s just so good to clear your head and scribble away your stresses. I always enjoy blogging, especially this #wonderfulwednesday post, and it really does make me feel grateful and remember that in this complicated olde world there’s so much beauty all around, if only we remember to stop and take a look at it.

Light and Leaves

3. A STONKING great cottage pie. Should have blogged it really. Hey ho – next time. Juicy beef mince, sweet carrots and creamy mash nom nom nom WHAT a delicious dinner it makes with a great big pile of buttery leeks on the side. And a dollop of red cabbage 🙂


4. Listening to the silence. Not quite silence, but when Mr Roast Chicken and I ventured out last weekend to one of my favourite valley walks nearby all we could hear was the ripple of a stream and the wind in the air. It’s a walk far away from any roads, aeroplane routes or the dreaded Crowds, and it’s lovely for it. It’s actually quite hard to find a remote walk these days. So many are spoilt by car engines or a distant hum of traffic, so this one, hidden away off the tourist trail in the Trough of Bowland is rather lovely.


5. Seeing the first little flecks of brown in the leaves. It’s the anticipation I think we all love about the change in the seasons. The looking forward to all the lovely things about the coming season. We’re no good at summer really us Brits. We think we are, and we do a good BBQ effort and slip on the odd floaty dress. But like the aforementioned Cottage Pie we, like our food, are much better suited to snuggling down with a blanket and a candle or four.

6. And speaking of which… getting the candles out has made me smile this week. Positioning the especially flickery ones against the wall so that their shaddows dance up and behind them, and watching my beautiful little painted German candle glowing on the coffee table while I sip a little tea and read a little of my book is so soothing.


7. Juicy little berries on all the trees. I think a lot of them are actually poisonous, but don’t they just look so edible? I wanted to snap off a branch and arrange it elegantly in a vase but I remembered the ‘take nothing but photos’ bit from the country code and figured it might be kinder on future passers by to leave them be. I’ll visit them in another week or so in their natural habitat 🙂


8. And my favourite of all the happy things this week, in fact in the last month… Damson Crumble. Oh intense, incredibly sharp damsons and your hand staining juices. Your lip smacking tartness tempered by the crunchy, sugary crumble. Your rippling rivers flowing through soft white ice cream and the way you just perfectly hit the spot Every Single Time. But damn your fiddly tiny stones.

What’s the news this week? What’s made you smile and your heart sing? If you’re craving a little more, head on over to the blogs of Jo, SallyMichelleKateCatSamEleanorKerri and Lynsey.

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  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    You always have such beautiful photos in your WW, they always make me smile.

    I’ve definitely missed my blog after being away for a few months, especially WW. It’s a really enjoyable way to reflect on the week (or previous couple as is usually my style), it always makes me a lot more grateful for what I have and helps me work through things that are keeping me up at night with stress.

    It’s a good thing all this waffling on we do.

    Liked by 1 person

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