Wonderful Wednesday 9 August 2017


Hi there one and all – hope everyone’s spiffingly super on this August Wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Here’s a little list of the little things that made my little world go round this week:

1. 7.30am on a Sunday, before the noise of the world had built up around. Watching the way the previous night’s rain drops were catching the morning sunlight on the rose bushes. I’m definitely an early bird rather than a night owl – and love the early (but not too early) mornings where it’s just me and the birds sniffing about. It’s a quiet, peaceful, reflective time that I’m making the most of during our little summer.


2. Staring at our beautiful oil painting. It was a present that I chose and bought directly from the artist’s attic, among a pile of equally stunning work, boxes and old suitcases. Meeting the creator and his family has given it a glimmer of extra meaning beyond it’s brush strokes. But it’s lovely to look at anyway, a landscape of stormy weather over an unknown, or unremembered (deliberately or not, I wasn’t sure after asking the painter) Scottish sea-loch.


3. Enjoying a holiday-at-home. A staycation, if you like. We had grand plans to go away this summer but for various reasons they fell through so I’m enjoying a whole two weeks of pootling and pottering and now that I’ve got over the whole not-going-away-thing (the weather has NOT played ball) I’m rather enjoying it. Time to mooch and have long breakfasts and read and read and read.


4. And speaking of reading… it’s been lovely in the last few days to ignore my phone before I go to bed and read instead. I’ve had a spate of poor sleeping, and since I stopped surfing before bed (does ANYONE still say surfing?) and read for half an hour or so instead, I’ve been sleeping through the night. Although I suppose, that change could also have come about by my nice long holiday 🙂 I’m going to need an alarm clock before I can leave my phone in the other room in the evenings, but for now, using a bit of will-power is doing nicely.


5. The books? Brick Lane, by Monica Ali, and The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory. I watched the film of Brick Lane some years ago and in some ways I prefer it for it’s more evocative atmosphere of the small little Tower Hamlets flat in which Nazneen and her family live. The book’s still great though, and as almost all of the story is Nazneen’s, the book captures her thoughts in a way that the film doesn’t manage as successfully. The Queen’s Fool, like all the Philippa Gregory book’s I’ve recently devoured, is great. I feel a little bit studious reading about the Tudors at the same time as enjoying a gripping yarn. Glad she’s written TONS for me to get through.


6. Family time. I’m so lucky with my family. I know many, many people who have difficult, strained or estranged family relationships and it must be upsetting. So I feel grateful and thankful to have a loving, supportive network to get me through all the hard times, and laugh at the good. This week has involved lots of eating and drinking and pottering with the rels and it’s been lovely 🙂


7. Dunkirk. The film, not the event. Fascinating lack of dialogue, extraordinary eyebrow-only acting, a stirring (if partly stolen) soundtrack and a thoughtful look at war through those young lads’ eyes. Go see!

8. Being brought flowers. Great big sunflowers to make me smile. The happiest plants with the hugest personality. And the other bunch I was bought nearly two weeks ago – soft pink roses and bright pink carnations all still blooming on my coffee table.

Tree and Sky

9. A new walk close to home. I do enjoy a big day’s walking somewhere remote in the Lakes, but it usually involves a Long Twisty Drive. We’re always looking for spots closer to home and so were happy to find a brand new stroll which quietly and secretly took us to a patch we’d not explored before near the sea, where the seaweed scented air and the stiff breeze gave us an immersive escape from the everyday, just round the corner.

10. Line-dried sheets. Enough said.

Flower and Rocks

What’s brought a smile to your face this week? Do share – I love to hear from you! If you’ve read this and want a peaceful and thoughtful gander at some more happy thoughts head on over to the blogs of the great and the wonderful Sally, Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, and Peta.

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  1. Peta says:

    Oh what a wonderful list Helen! Sunflowers are my favourite flowers of all time, and spending two weeks at home sounds like utter bliss. I must check out those books and Dunkirk! I’ll be adding it to my list.
    Peta x

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