Wonderful Wednesday 10 May 2017


Trees and Sun

Hello all, and Happy Wonderful Wednesday to you!

Just a quickie today as I’m a) rather late in posting and b) knackered!

But I couldn’t not share the lovely things I’ve noticed this week, including:

1. An accidental triumph in the kitchen – BALSAMIC VINEGAR IN THE HUMMUS. You heard it here first. It was a complete mistake – I grabbed the bottle thinking it was olive oil and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I cried out! But I needn’t have feared, or sworn. It was only a little splash, and created the tastiest yummiest hummus ever. Try it and see – I’m going to blog it very soon to share with anyone who will listen.


2. Blackbird song. Close your eyes next time you hear a blackbird (the current activity allowing) and see if you can hear another little birdie answering. I spend a sweet 20 minutes on a Tuesday lunchbreak doing just this, and it calmed my little mind no end.

3. Back to yoga. I’ve LAPSED ladies and gentlemen, really LAPSED. But with any hobbies that you love – I’ve got right back into it and can’t believe I haven’t been doing it every day for the last few weeks. I did a little home session on Tuesday and a class today and I’m achey but oh-so-stretched out and strong (er).

Evening Tree

4. The smell of hedgerows. A childhood scent if ever there was one. Is it because you’re smaller when you’re a child, or because everything becomes so much more ingrained at that impressionable age? We walked along a hedgerow the other night on an evening stroll and I could have been back 20 years or so, picking the elderflower stems and stripping the seeds from stray wheat plants.

That’s it for my short-but-hopefully-sweet-Wonderful-Wednesday this week – for more musings hop to Sally, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s , Peta’s , Kelly‘s AND  Emma’s blogs and breathe in the lovely 🙂

I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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