Wonderful Wednesday 26 April 2017


Dandylions and Beach

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was sitting here scribbling away last week. It’s been a busy few days out and about, and dealing with a KILLER headache that lasted all the way through the weekend into this week, which wasn’t so wonderful. All the more reason to remember the nice little bits and pieces sandwiched around The Headache.

1. Sitting by a river. Sitting by any body of water is pretty relaxing isn’t it? If you think of the most tranquil moments you’ve had, I’ll bet a fair few of them were spent gazing up at waterfalls, pottering along by the side of a lake, or, perhaps best of all, sunbathing by the sea. This weekend I spent a happy couple of hours listening to the roar of a fast flowing river crashing by, the sound drowning out everything else.


2. Toast. I’ve had many many weeks of muesli recently, but I think toast is making a comeback in the Roast Chicken household. Smothered with butter as soon as it’s popped from the toaster, and dotted with just the right amount of marmite. Eaten as soon as possible, often whilst standing over the kitchen sink. Supplemented by a big frothy smoothie.


3. Shopping. I had a happy Saturday pootling round the shops picking out a few summer dresses (to be worn with shaggy cardis and knee-boots until Spring returns to the North). I’m now all stocked up and ready for ACTUAL Spring (seen the weather forecast for next week??!! 🙂 )


4. Mum’s lasagne. I don’t know if it’s only because she makes a mighty fine lasagne (although this is MOST certainly a fact) or weather it’s because I haven’t made it, stirred the sauce, simmered the meat, arranged the pasta sheets etc etc etc etc, but it’s so very nice to eat something delicious, cooked by someone else. I’m wondering whether it’s my favourite meal? But where to place Roast Chicken Dinner, Fish and Chips, and an Excellent Burger? I can never decide.


5. A little wander on the moors. This was a real blow-yer-head-off wander. The weather had been pretty calm until we decided to head out, and then the temperature plummeted and the wind REALLY picked up. I thought I might blow away like Mary Poppins. But I held onto my hat, and we had a jolly time, soaking up the wide open spaces and the glowing coconut-scented gorse.

6. A Monday off. Because now I will have three long weekends in a row 🙂


That’s it from me this week – but you can keep the loveliness acoming by jumping straight to Sally, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s , Peta’s , Kelly‘s AND  Emma’s blogs for more of the happy little things 🙂


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasha says:

    I definitely needed to read this today! That shot of the gorse by the river, is just gorgeous and I love the scent of it too. I feel like this past week has been the best weather for wandering along the river. I haven’t been down to the coast for a paddle yet, but it’s getting closer to that time now so I’m hoping I can get over to Whitehaven for a nice wander along the coast soon in the sunshine! Lasagne is always a winner too, it’s some of my favourite comfort foods, especially when a parent makes it too. I hope your headache has cleared up now too! – Tasha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Katie says:

    Hope you had a lovely Monday off, and after reading this I think I may go and make some toast!!


    1. Helen says:

      it always does the trick!


  3. Peta says:

    Aww what a lovely list! 🙂 Your mum’s lasane sounds incredible! I hope your headache has gone now lovely. You’re so right about sitting beside water, there’s something so calming about it.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Peta x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Cat says:

    Ahhh dude I feel that pain, I had a headache most of the weekend too…but it left just in time for Monday, oh yes. Sounds like you squeezed in lots of good times around the headache though and well played on the 3 long weekends in a row! C x

    Liked by 1 person

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