Wonderful Wednesday 12 April 2017

Tress and Tarn

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! How is everyone? Springing with life or a little…meh? I’m of the springing variety this week – I’m loving this weather like a solar panel.

Here were the best bits:

1. An evening stroll. I wonder how many times I’ve written that. It’s a lovely time of day to go awandering though. It’s quiet – not just empty of people (deffo a plus), but quiet in general. The cars have died down so any traffic noise is lowered. And in my head, things are pretty calm too after the business of the day has been dealt with. Warm enough for me to just throw a jumper over a summer dress and leggings, we headed out for a little wander around some hills and found the delectable tarn above, followed by some tasty tapas (although we should have packed a picnic to eat beside said tarn), and another wander just after the lake after dinner. Can’t remember the last time we had as nice and tranquil an evening.

Tree and Rock

2. Another change in the seasons. Spring starts in March – but it never feels like it does up north. It really only gets going in the second half of April. Until then (and often after) it’s winter coats and boots. I haven’t quite yet taken my winter coats upstairs, but I have brought my summer jackets down in the hope that it won’t be long before Spring properly gets going.


3. Veggies! In all their forms. I’ve PACKED myself with veggies this week! Stir-fried with soy sauce, roasted with potatoes, raw with balsamic – I can’t get enough. I’m also loving salads with cheese at the moment – a spot or twenty of salty feta nestling in among rocket and spinach leaves is floating my boat this week.

Boats After Sunset

4. Having a week off. That’s always going to make it into the List of The Wonderful. I’m about to launch into my most intense season at work, so I’m taking a break before the storm hits. And it’s a LOVELY time of year up here to take off (usually…) The lambs are alambing, the grass is so green it’s glowing, and the buds are blossoming out all over.


5. Coming back from a day in the sun. Physically tired, emotionally on top of the world. The skin on your face tingling a little from the sun – your hair knotted having been blown all over the place. Slightly sore muscles and chapped lips from the wind. Smiling at the new memories, planning the next outing. Full of salads and iced water, ready for bed at nine but not wanting the day to end.


6. Walking on sheep-eaten grass. It’s so perfectly and evenly eaten. Springy but firm underfoot, smelling of The Great Outdoors, with a touch of sheep poo.


7. Time for breakfast. I mean of the two-cups-of-tea-still-in-my-dressing-gown-at-eleven-variety. Currently I’m loving: hot buttered toast and marmite; rhubarb with yoghurt and granola; porridge with a sprinkling of muscavado sugar and lots and lots of melon. More inspiring than a hastily scoffed bowl of muesli (though that does the job).

Tree and Lake

8. Sitting by water. What is it with humans and streams, the seaside, rivers and lakes? Is it the sound? We went on a stroll at the weekend and stopped by the lake, flicking stones and listening to the soft ripples hitting the shore. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than that little pebbled beach.


9. A couple of new summer dresses. Well….. for now I’ll be layering them with long sleeved tops, leggings and boots. Gradually the boots will be replaced by pumps, the long sleeved tops will be relegated to the back of the wardrobe and then maybe, just maybe, bare legs will be involved.

After Sunset

And that’s it from me – if you’re craving more of the wonderful hop skip or jump like an Easter bunny over to the following blogs for more: SallyMichelle, Kate, JoCat, Laura, LynseyKerri, Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie  and Mimmi.

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  1. Cat says:

    While we have had some warmth down south, I still haven’t put my winter coat away yet either – it’s got really cold again! It sounds like you’ve had an amazing week off and your descriptions of food really make my mouth water 🙂 I also love having the time for a leisurely breakfast, made infinitely sweeter when it’s really not the norm! Hope you have a lovely long weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

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