Wonderful Wednesday 15 February 2017


Happy happy Wonderful Wednesday one and all!

It’s been a FREEZING cold week up here – but one filled with lovely things, including…

1. Watching the crocuses pop up. All my flowers have been early this year. I had snowdrops in December, swiftly followed by a scattering of daffs and crocuses. I planted LOADS in the Autumn, filling any blank patch I could find with bulbs, and I’m now enjoying the benefits, sitting snugly and smugly inside looking at the the little buds tentatively poking their heads up into the wind.


2. Eating the MOST delicious of salads – cucumber, tomato, flat leaved parsley, sumac, olives, feta cheese… all slathered in a lemony garlicy yoghurt dressing nom nom nom. I ate the first portion far too quickly, scooping up the juices with a piece of crusty bread, and I was only a little more restrained on the second portion. SUCH a goodun 🙂 Here’s the recipe if you’re interested in making a lunch that’ll keep you smiling until dinner time.


3. Swimming when there was noone else in the pool. So I’m a granny, and my favourite Saturday nights are usually when I’m curled up on the sofa with a nice rioja and a Box Set or three. But another little secret of my happy Saturday nights is to skip off to the swimming pool. As everyone else is far cooler than me and no doubt has exciting Saturday night dates and parties to get to, the pool is often deserted, which is GREAT. I swam gently for half an hour or so straight down the middle of the pool with no olympian wannabes creating tidal waves and disturbing my peace.


4. The smell of freshly baked bread. I quite often come down in the mornings to this (gloat gloat). If you’ve not got a bread maker I’d REALLY recommend it. Cheap, wholesome, fresh bread prepared in just few minutes with no need to cultivate popeye-proportioned muscles to cope with the kneading. And by setting the timer to cook it during the early hours of the morning you can float downstairs following the yeasty doughy scent drifting upwards to greet you.

5. Yoga, always yoga. This time it was rather a hot yoga session as the room we were in was baking hot – but all the more enjoyable because of it. We stretched and balanced and got all zen.


6. Hearing the wind. In the branches, in the leaves, howling through the chimneys, whistling through the night. As long as I’m snug as a bug in a rug, or a thick winter coat, I’m loving it.

7. Marks and Spencer’s Granola and yoghurt mini-bites. Wow – where have these been all my life? VERY sweet and even more moreish, they’re the bees knees. Chewy, oaty, yoghurty – TOTALLY yum. May or may not have eaten half the box. Was VERY hard not to eat the rest, but I thought they’d make an excellent post-yoga breakfast one of these fine mornings to come 🙂


And that’s it from me – the sun sets on another #WonderfulWednesday post. But never fear – more is near – by heading over to SallyMichelle, KateHelenJoCat, Laura, LynseyKerri, Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie  and Mimmi you can get a whole lot more wonderful – enjoy!

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  1. Natasha says:

    There are so many lovely moments here Helen! I can just feel the stress leaving my body as I read through this and the photos are beautiful too. I’ve loved seeing the crocuses popping up too, and the daffodils always fill me with joy, they’re like little bursts of sunshine! I haven’t been swimming for such a long time, but you’re so right, diving into the pool when it’s empty and it’s just you and the water is amazingly refreshing and I’ve loved the slightly warmer breezes we’re slowly getting now spring is here. I definitely need to take up yoga again too, I’ve been stiff recently so I need to stop procrastinating and get stretching! – Tasha

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  2. Michelle says:

    Aah the crocuses. I have to love them from afar to spare them the trampling spaniel feet but man alive do they cheer the place up a bit. By ‘the place’ I of course mean planet earth.

    Have a most wonderful rest of the week.
    M x


    1. Helen says:

      He he you too! h xx


  3. Ohh such a good idea about the swimming – I always want to swim more but get so off put by others in the pool!

    Jasmin Charlotte

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  4. byliil says:

    Uu, that salad sounds delicious!! 🙂

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