Wonderful Wednesday 8 February 2017


Happy Wonderful Wednesday! Hope everyone’s drifting along swimmingly during these cold February days. Here’s what’s made me glad and thankful this week:

1. A really long walk in the cold. We wrapped up warm and, armed with a big flask of soup, some crusty bread and a slab of homemade gingerbread (yes I am Darrell of Malory Towers) we headed off. We stomped up a fairly large mountain in the Lakes, and didn’t see a single soul until a mountain biker poked his head above the summit while we were slurping our soup. He didn’t stay long, and we then had the fell to ourselves once more. I love love love that feeling when you reach the top, and it’s all worthwhile. It had been a bit of  a petch, although the cold air had kept us reasonably cool, and we were so thankful to see the trig point standing tall on the top. Happy days 🙂

2. Gingerbread. THAT gingerbread. It’s soooooo good. Pretty much the best cake I’ve ever made, or eaten, come to think of it. It’s Nigel Slater’s triple ginger cake and it’s absolutely divine. Really really hard to stop at one slice. But why would you? Especially nice heated up with a dollop of ice cream on the side. Hmmm….bet its good toasted and slathered with butter too….one for next week.


3. Having a little pooterly shopping trip. Not whizzing round stocking up on toilet rolls, but one of those visits which includes a lot of perusing the clothes section, the magazines, the homeware…you get the idea. Then a happy amble through the world foods, unusual flours, dried foods etc…spent WAY more than I intended, alas.


4. My new suede skirt. This actually happened last week, but I forgot to mention this BARGAIN I picked up in the Warehouse sale. It’s a tan-coloured REAL suede mini skirt, just the right length to be a proper mini without being a proper tart. And the best thing about it? It was just £25!


5. Sticky baked potatoes. Any potato gets my vote – love em. Boiled, steamed, ROASTED – they’re a staple of my diet that I love a million times more than rice or pasta, which I find really bland. I made some super yummy potatoes the other night by baking them in olive oil, crushed garlic and a sprig of rosemary from the flowerbed, where it’s not really thriving tbh – anyone got any ideas? The potatoes, however, shone in all their oily, crispy, fudgy lovlieness, and we devoured a big tray full of them fairly swiftly.


6. Ah…the sea. Sorry for the #beachspam but I’ve been pottering along the shore quite a lot in the last few days and it Feels So Good. I think it’s the smell. Or the looking out at the vast expanse of water, not another human in sight. Or something….

7. Sunday mornings with no plans. No plans except to make an extra cup of tea; do a spot of washing; read a book; have a bath; paint nails; blow-dry hair; watch some TV; cook something; drink some wine and breathe out a sigh that’s been building up all week.

8. As part of said Sunday I watched ALL of Mad Men Season 5. Yup – that’s about 10 hours of goodness right there on my TV. It was JUST what I needed to rebalance my little mind.


9. One of the MOST pleasing things that happened to me this week, maybe EVER, was that after one and a half years of living in my home I washed the inside of the windows. Imagine my DELIGHT when the window cleaners came to clean the outsides on the Same Day. Yes go on – imagine that.

And on that note – hope this has added a little something to your day. If you’re craving more – hop over to the following #Wonderfulwednesday chapesses as they are FULL of the lovely: SallyMichelle, KateHelenJoCat, Laura, LynseyKerri, Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie  and Mimmi.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    I’ve got my baked potatoes in the oven right as we speak and I can’t wait to tuck into them for tea tonight. I still haven’t decided what to have with them, but sometimes they are just good enough to devourer on their own.

    You have reminded me, I think my own windows are in need of cleaning.

    What a week! Here’s to another great one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cat says:

    Ooh if you’re on a window roll, fancy popping down south and doing mine?! It’s been on my to-do list for a long time now!
    I’m loving the sound of the gingerbread – might have to investigate and see if it’s something I can make with a suitable gluten free alternative flour… I used to love it warm with butter melted on top! Enjoy the rest of your week, Helen. C x


    1. Helen says:

      Cleaning the windows is definitely good for the soul! Well – looking out of them afterwards, that is 🙂


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