Wonderful Wednesday 1 February 2017

The Hour Before Sunset

As this mid-week comes I’m feeling pretty thankful. Thankful that January’s over to be honest. It’s a difficult month, cold and dark, with little to look forward to in terms of the outside world, since Spring’s a few months away yet. February brings a little more cheer. It contains the school half term, more snowdrops, daffodils, and most importantly, it’s not January.

Here’s what I’ve been lovin lately:

1. The hour before sunset, when the girls and boys are being taken home for tea. A few dog walkers remain, getting the last few rays of light before they disappear below the horizon. It’s a quiet time of day, where I can gaze out to sea, to the fields, to somewhere outside mainly, hopefully. People are packing up, heading home. It’s a nice time to be out.


2. French Fancies. Because sometimes you need a hit of sugar so stark it makes your teeth stand on edge and your mouth erupt in a storm of sugar heaven. I don’t like the yellow ones – there’s something odd about yellow sweets, but the strawberry (?!) not really strawberry are they, let’s face it – the PINK ones are yum. They remind me of pink Calpol – remember that? These little beauts were £1 from Poundland and that’s one hundred pennies well spent IMO.

Tufts and Sky

3. The nice man in Halfords who showed me how to fill up the oil in my car without judgement as to how I’d gone through life thus far without knowing. No I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Yes I felt a little silly. No not silly enough not to be very grateful and actually listen. Yes bit annoyed he asked me whether I had a partner who might help me. No not too annoyed as TBH he was really just being kind. And how many times do you get that as a regular part of  Customer Service these days?


4. The breakfast of dreams. Rhubarb steeped in its own juices and a touch of sugar with softly baked oats and nuts, with a dollop of the creamiest vanilla yoghurt. Eaten with a little spoon watching the garden birds fight one another to get a peck at the bird feeder handing from the climbing rose. Sometimes you need to just stop and look out of the window.

The hour before sunset

5. The longest of lie ins, from which I woke not quite knowing where I was, nor what time it was. When the room was already yellow with sunlight and the birds had been a tweeting for a long while. I’m an early bird by nature, but a combination of early mornings and fun-but-late nights had left me feeling rather sleepy come the morning alarm. So it was lovely to wake up and it not really matter what time I plodded downstairs. Time for an extra cup of tea underneath my snuggly 13.5 tog duvet.

Rocks and Sky

6. The restorative power of the sea – yet again. Yet again the sea provided me with a little bit of respite when I really needed it. I’d already been out on a walk that day, but I got itchy feet during the afternoon and fancied another stroll. That’s where I encountered the dog-walkers home bound, the sun just starting to dip down towards the horizon. The seagulls were squarking and that’s something that always makes me feel peaceful. There’s such a lot of happy things I associate with the sea – holidays, ice cream, time away from the office, sunshine, reading, relaxing, seafood and wine… So whatever time of year, I love to be beside the seaside 🙂

That’s about it for this week’s happy things – but there’s plenty more over with SallyMichelle, KateHelenJoCatEmma, Laura, LynseyKerri, Sarah, ElJasmin, Debbie  and Mimmi.

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  1. Katie says:

    This is a great list, there is something so special about the sea, and that lie-in sounds like bliss! x

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  2. Still jeal about you being by the seaside! It always makes me feel so much better too. I havent had a fancy for years, I definitely need to hunt one down!

    Jasmin Charlotte

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  3. Well this is a stonking list! Every single thing on it I was nodding my head along to or even cracking a great big smile. The kndness of others and something beautifully sweet is just what you need. However that breakfast is just something else! Fruity, yoghurty and oaty. Simply the best thing to wake up to. Especially after one of those glorious lay ins you speak of. Then the sea… there’s no place I’d rather be than by the sea. It calms me whenever I go. In fact a walk down might be on the cards today.
    I’m fairly certain you’ve smashed this Wonderful Wednesday! Have a great weekend xx

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  4. lifeasunusuals says:

    Oh it must be so nice to relax by the sea at the end of the day. How perfect!

    It’s so refreshing when people want to help because they want to and not because they want to make you feel stupid or whatever. OK, maybe a little rude to suggest that you need someone else to help you, but when it comes from a place of being kind and helpful, I will take that with a grain of salt and keep listening and learning so I can do things myself. Now you will be an oil changing pro!

    Rhubarb isn’t really my jam, but those baked oats and nuts look and sound delicious. I could eat them with a tasty bit of yoghurt. Did you make them yourself? Please share your method if you did!

    Happy Thursday! Have a great rest of the week.


    1. Helen says:

      If you’re not keen on rhubarb how about stewed apple? The best is damsons though – DELISH!! For the oats – I just put a knob of butter and a spoon of brown sugar in a pan with some good quality museli then fried it for a few mins – super yummy! Have a lovely week! H xx


      1. lifeasunusuals says:

        Oh so easy! I’ll have to give that a try.

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  5. Michelle says:

    That breakfast sounds all kinds of delicious, I’ve been needing something to break the monotony of an (admittedly delicious) smoothie. And yes to a bit of light at the end of the day, it’s SO nice to not get home in the dark, reminds me that spring is not too far away.
    Have a great week.
    M x

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  6. sallytangle says:

    This is SUCH a magical list that i knew i would love – as i love ALL of your WW posts 😉 Yes to that breakfast combo – it looks YUM, and to the fixing powers of the sea – there’s nothing that a little bit of sea air can’t fix is there?! And a great big yes to the later, golden rays of sunshine that, actually, are dancing on the wall and peaking through our bedroom blinds as i type this.

    Thank you for being the lovliest and for always joining in – even if i don’t manage to comment/say so, i look forward to your little posts every week xxxx


    1. Helen says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words – and likewise – I always look forward to yours with my first cup of tea of the morning 🙂


  7. Peta says:

    Such a calming post Helen, thank you for popping a smile on my face. Your breakfast looks and sounds amazing and the sea always seems to have magical powers doesn’t it. ❤
    Peta xx

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