Wonderful Wednesday 28 December 2016

Lake District

Happy Wonderful Wednesday – the last of 2016!

I was going to join Sally in summing up the year rather than delving into the minutiae of my week – but I feel I may miss out the little and the seemingly-insignificant if I try and pick out the ‘best’ bits. I will make a little festive twist however, and list not just the wonderful (although they really are) but the things for which I’ve been most thankful over the last few days. For anyone looking for a little bit of extra Wonderfulness – have a look at the other Wonderful Wednesday crew members, who have provided me with many a smile over the past year or so Jo, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s and Isabelle.

For Family. For the phoning and texting and emailing and just being there. For all coming together from across the country to laugh and share and bicker our way through a great big happy family Christmas Day once again. For the jokes and the whinges and the silliness and the support. For the bringing of presents and the sharing of news. For being the people who are the only ones who will really accept you just as you are.


For a cold, bracing walk after a big dinner. For when you’re so full you could burst, and someone helpfully suggests you bundle yourselves into the car and get out in the Great Outdoors. For relaxing and breathing and chatting and reflecting. For breathing in icy cold air and clearing a bunged-up nose.


For mum’s superb mince pies and for the Christmas pudding even though you know you couldn’t and shouldn’t. For board games when you’re sleepy and full of food and wine. For Christmas specials, quality streets and THOSE Lindor truffles. For the lights on the Christmas tree and afternoon naps. For long lie-ins and even longer breakfasts. For everyone being so much older, but so much the same. For cheese, chutney, grapes and nuts after dinner. For After Eights.

Grass and Sky

For satsumas, turkey, pigs in blankets and too many roast potatoes. For remembering Christmas when you were small, and for noticing that teddy is still in his place. For hugs, teasing, borrowing, sharing and laughing. For Dad jokes and sibling banter. For cold, icy walks as the sun starts to set post-3pm. For the Queen’s speech and something dramatic on Eastenders. For one of those old films, and the Christmas quiz in the Radio Times. For old photos and re-reading old books. For saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in the morning, and making everyone a cup of tea.

Lake and Gorse

For the posh napkins and the extra candles. For the sun peeking over the horizon for just a few hours. For the brandy alight on the pud, and the eating of too many pieces of chocolate orange. For Bucks Fizz in the morning, and for the presents that Santa leaves after everyone else has gone to bed. For the extra-special wine and the very best nibbles. For the singing round the piano and the scent of pine from the Christmas tree. For extra hugs and extra smiles. For late-night heart-to-hearts and long morning showers. For the smell of the Christmas dinner and the pulling of crackers. For the reading of the awful jokes, and the laughing of what everyone looks like in their party hats. For complimenting the chef, and for apple sauce. For after-dinner naps, taking videos of other people snoring, and for all helping out with the dishes.

For family, and love.


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  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    you’ve got to love the Christmas day walk. Although this year we went for a Christmas Eve and a Boxing Day walk instead. Plus the weather was just so gorgeous so we had to make the most of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cat says:

    You have just beautifully captured everything that’s perfect about a British Christmas, Helen. I love this! (Although I would have to replace the Quality Street with a tin of Roses I’m afraid…) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (sounds like you did!) and here’s to another year of wonderful Wednesdays ahead 🙂 C x


    1. Helen says:

      Hmmm Roses? The jury is out! See you in the New Year!


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