Wonderful Wednesday 30 November 2016


So here we are – advent Sunday is behind us, and December reaches ahead. How time flies. I’m sharing some happy sunny photos of flaming autumnal leaves, since they’re still mostly here in all their glory, although I fear they’ll soon all be tumbling down to decorate the pavements. Hope your weeks have been lovely – this is a little list of what’s made mine happy:


1. At long last, reaching some deadlines. Personally and at work I’ve made it to some pretty important milestones. The events have passed, finito, and I feel a mixture of relief and pride. Mostly relief. Now things can start to calm down in this busy little head of mine as I slink down into my new sofa (won’t bore everyone again with superlatives on my most favouritest ever item) and light those candles (same).


2. Getting out at lunchtime. I’ve made a special effort this last week to have a good long walk at lunchtime. It clears my head and makes me feel more me. It makes me notice the beauty of the natural world, and makes me tune into the seasons. I smell things and listen to things and feel at peace when I’m on my little wanderings. Time to reflect, think about life, and remind myself that the whole world is running along outside my little bubble. Bit of perspective, innit.


3. Same applies to those wonderful stars. We’ve had some gloriously clear nights recently, frosty and clear. Where I live, on the outskirts of town, there’s not too much light pollution and I can crane my neck up and try and work out if any of the stars I’m looking at are actually planets. Or satellites. Or planes.

4. Smearing a dollop of crunchy peanut butter over an apple and cinnamon cookie and nibbling with a cup of camomile tea. Inspired.


5. Salsa on a Saturday night. Listening to, that is, not participating. For a little change away from my beloved Amiina, I livened my Saturday up somewhat by a blast of salsa music. I felt like I was in Nandos, which can only ever make me grin from cheek to cheek.


6. An apple, cut up into slices and eaten slowly with some sparkling water. Half of the slices dipped into soft brown sugar, half into peanut butter.


7. Listening to the sound of the countryside. The drone of cars streaming along on a distant road, a farmer’s quad chortling up a field. Birds scuttling in the undergrowth, a motorcyclist on a joyride. Sheep pulling up the grass to nibble on, a cow moaning as it she looks for for the rest of the herd. My own footsteps clattering over rocks and onto frost-hardened grass. Church bells clanging, a car swooshing past. A startled grouse flapping upwards, a distant aeroplans. And my favourite, the wind rattling dry autumn leaves high up the branches of old, old trees.

That’s it folks – my wonderful things, making me smile in this crazy little world we live in. Hope your weeks have been jolly, and if you’re keen on the wonderful – hot foot it over to the blogs of Sally, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, Mimmi, Martina Jo and Isabelle.


I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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