Wonderful Wednesday 2 November 2016

Leaves and Railings

Sometimes the nicest times are when you stop to remember how nice it is to just be you. To sit sipping PJ tips, feeling the folds of your pajamas against the soft sofa throw. To throw open the windows and breathe in. To soak in a bath, smell rain and listen to leaves rustling high up above. I think I’m happiest when I’m being me – the trick is to not get caught up in that complicated olde thinge called life.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

1. Watching the sun rise. The other day I sat for a whole hour watching the world wake up. I’m on holiday in the Scottish highlands as I write this, and watching the world wake up means listening to a little fishing boat putting and spitting across the loch, on its way out for a fruitful voyage. The cows start to moo and the ever-churning salmon fishing vessel in the middle of the loch moors to offload its cargo from the night’s work. I watched as more and more mountain tops appeared in view, and then marveled as the sun spilled over the horizon, flooding the bay with sunlight.

2. Crisps and champagne. Come on – any one know a better combo?

Blue Sky

3. The freshly caught scallops I munched through at the chippy by the seaside. Fat, juicy and sweet, with brittle, flaking batter. A cut above cod n chips.

4. A hat and scarf walk. The first of the year. Breathing out for the air in front of my face to steam up. Being cold on the outside, hot within. Unloosening everything about half an hour in when your body warms up and you might just have put on one too many layers. When you then start to get a little cold once the sun’s disappeared behind some trees, only to feel the warm heat hit you as you turn a corner and the sun’s back, blasting down with all the might it can muster from half way up the sky. It’s the best time of year for walking and I’m soaking it up.

Autumn Rose

5. This little autumn rose that must have unfurled overnight after this particular bush has been out of action for weeks now. It’s got a few little custard and pink blooms now shimmying around up on the highest branches, and I have to say it’s brightening up the garden a treat. Now on the hunt for more autumn / winter flowering blooms. And I’m 80. I’m fine with that.

6. Camomile, honey and VANILLA tea. Yup – it’s got a bit of ice cream in there and it’s super nice. I drank two cups yesterday whilst staring out at the clouds swirling around the mountains. A little bit of zen. Apparently there’s a mint choc tea new on the block too – anyone tried that?

7. Our little robin friend. He’s bobbing about outside our little house, marking his patch. I must have only been about seven or eight when my gran told me that a robin bobs about, usually making a triangle with his route, to mark out the perimeter of his zone. She used to throw open the curtains in the morning and watch him while the kettle boiled. I think that’s one of the loveliest things about nature – its familiar, inevitable cycles. You can move forward fifty years in time, but someone looking out of my gran’s window now would see pretty much the same sight. Another robin, another proud little dance.

Twilight Tree

8. I love wandering around at twilight at this time of the year. The leaves glow and the birds quieten down. But I think it’s the early evenings I’m loving the most. At this time of year you know you’ve got a good few hours of tea-light lit evening to enjoy once twilight arrives. Time for a spot of supper maybe, or a glass of Malbec to sip with a film. It’s SO often commented on, and it’s everyone’s favourite time of year, but it must be because we’re happiest when indoors, snuggling, hiding, crunched up in little balls of heat while cars splash through the rain outside.

What’s made you happy this week? What’s put a spring in your step, or made you stop to take a closer look? For more wonderful-ness, head on over to the lovely little internet-homes of Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El , Kerri, Mimmi, Martina and Isabelle.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    It is not quite cold enough for hats and scarves here, just the hat, which has me all cosy every time I leave the house!


    1. Helen says:

      Up here it keeps changing – warm and wet or cold and sunny!


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