Wonderful Wednesday 5 October 2016


I wonder why, when I think and write so much about quiet times, of lounging and walking and sitting and eating and drinking – I fill my days and evenings up with so many ACTIVITIES? The last few weeks has whooshed by in a complete blur – and I’m not really sure I’ve enjoyed them. Must Do Better. And I have – the last few days have been much calmer, and quieter, and I’m a happier bunny for it 🙂

Here’s what stood out:

1. Coming down to the kitchen on Sunday morning and finding it filled with the most intense sunshine I’ve seen for ages. It was making the wet berries glint on the branches outside, the dew sparkle on the grass. I’d put bread in the breadmaker the night before, so the room was filled with the most delicious smell. As I brewed up I really felt my shoulders settle and a little smile spread on my face. Padding over to the living room I read the papers, blogged, drank tea and it was a little slice of peace and quiet I’d been craving all week.

2. Getting out on a walk. I feel like I haven’t done this for ages – although it’s only a couple of weeks. We got out early and breathed in the pine trees and heather on the moors, meeting just a couple of people and lots of sheep on the road, oblivious to their surroundings. It’s our favourite time of the year for walking. The weather’s cooled down so you’re not petching and sweating. There’s still lush vegetation to smell and autumn leaves to crunch across. It’s a cosy time – it has to be.

Pine Trees

3. Driving with heavy metal music pumped up really loud. It’s not my usual thing – it’s not something I do often, but sometimes I just wanna BLAST out loud drums – and the car (obv away from people and houses) is the perfect place to do it. Stress-busting – right there!

4. The stars. Lately they’ve been just stunning. I could stare up at them all day if it wasn’t for a) neck ache and b) it being too cold to do so. The more you look, the more stars you see – and there’s something wonderful about the fact that wherever you are in the northern hemisphere – you can see the same little dots, in the same shapes. It’s very grounding, feeling so insignificant, something mindful and restful and all that other stuff we’re supposed to be doing. They’ve been there, seen it all before, over millennia. Kinda cool.

5. The Easy Slow Cooker Goulash I just made. Sometimes you just need a Good Olde STEW. With tender meat, juicy veg and all the gravy to mash the potatoes into. My mum used to make this a lot, and it reminds me of family meals round the kitchen table, chomping and chatting. I’m really loving my slow cooker at this time of year. Many a moment at work has been lost to a little daydream about that pot of goodness bubbling away, and it most definitely puts a spring in my step as I walk up the HUGE hill I have to climb to get home. Yey for Autumn.

Split Tree

6. Speaking of Autumn – I don’t really know what to say that hasn’t been said a thousand times before about this most wonderful of seasons. Leaves, scarves, crumbles, putting the heating on, getting the candles out, red wine in front of the fire etc etc etc. God it’s good though isn’t it?

7. Coconut tea. Yes you heard me. (Or do you already know about this?) It’s coconut, in a tea bag – actual coconut! Ok ok it costs £5 for 15 teabags, but it’s jolly nice. I even snipped the top off my teabag and shook a bit into my porridge the other morning. It’s been warming up my little hands on cold mornings this week and making me smile and smile.

8. The little robin I saw hopping about in the garden searching for worms. It was the sweetest little thing, bobbing around. I’m going to hop over myself to the garden centre and pick up some seeds to encourage some more to come and hang out with us.

And that was my week of the little moments, the small things that made me smile. There’s a big gang of us collecting the insignificant glimmers of beauty in our weeks – find them all here: Jo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate, Cat, Sam, El and Kerri.

Have a lovely week!

Helen xx

9 Comments Add yours

  1. 24hoursintoday says:

    Oh morning sunshine! I absolutely love it this time of year along with the incredible sunsets. Your walk sounds so lovely as does your new little robin friend! I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend.
    Peta xx



    1. Helen says:

      I think it’s the biggest change in all the seasons. The weather, nature, animals – everything alters in a beautiful way 🙂


  2. lifeasunusuals says:

    Morning sunshine is amazing. We’re just at the time of the year where the sun rised straight into our living room windows (almost blinding you occasionally) but when it’s a beautiful golden light, it’s just magical. Although, I don’t have any nice berries to glisten, just a whole lot of golden cars driving by.

    Coconut tea sounds quite nice, I will be keeping an eye out to see if it comes to the shops near me.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Michelle says:

    Coconut tea??? Come to mamma.
    And just how beautiful was that weekend sunshine? Very.
    Happy rest of the week to you.
    M x


    1. Helen says:

      Oh it’s good. Almost worth the £5-for-15-teabags situation. Have a great week yourself! H x


  4. sallytangle says:

    Such magical Autumnal photos Helen – i love them! Especially the tallest trees!

    What a lovely list of cosy! I bet waking up to the smell of bread is so lovely! I’m a bit like you – i’ve just had a run of days off and have used them to simply ‘potter’. I’m often so busy at work – firing forward at a million miles per hour that my happy place is to just be quiet and soak everything up slowly. I’m feeling miles better for it!

    Happy mid-week lovely one!


    1. Helen says:

      I DEFINITELY prefer sleepy slouchy days to intensely busy ones. But then – those quiet times are all the better for being busy previously! Have a lovely week x x


  5. These photos are gorgeous! And COCONUT TEA?!?! Must. Track. This. Down.


    1. Helen says:

      Far too expensive but absolutely delish! H X


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