Wonderful Wednesday 28 September 2016

Pom Pom flower

How has everyone been this week? I’m having ANOTHER of those massively busy weeks, where I wake up at 6.30 to blog and do yoga, rush around, nip home for dinner and race out again, returning a very tired Helen after 10pm. I want to push myself and learn things. I want to challenge myself and do the things I enjoy. But I wouldn’t mind a little spot of Eastenders in front of the telly for a few moments this week…

But it’s still had those little moments, those places where I remember that life can be pretty great.

Here’s them!

  1. A lovely lovely date night. I hate that phrase. Way too American. But me and Mr Roast chicken had a lovely evening drinking fine wine and eating fabulous sea food last weekend and it was great to let our hair down and chatter the evening away.
  2. Just yoga. Ah yoga, where have you been all my life? After the above evening of fine wines the following morning was not so jolly. Hanging my little head as I slouched down to the kitchen to make my tea, I felt ever so sorry for myself. But after my two teas and 40 minutes of yoga I really and truely felt great. I’m not sure how exhausting myself with balances and dives could give me energy-but there’s something about yoga that just makes me want to carry on and on. It put me to rights and set me up for the day. I CAN do it 🙂
  3. Good olde spag Bol for dinner, cooked by his truely. I really love cooking. I’d hardly write about it several times a week if I didn’t enjoy it. So organising the household chores in a way that means that I do all the cooking is how I like it. But all the same, coming home to a meal cooked by someone else was such a treat. And especially when it was humble olde spag Bol. As I’m always experimenting with food, sometimes I forget the old favourites. Shepherds pie, bangers and mash, burgers and hot dogs. Mustn’t forget how tasty these classics are, cooked well and eaten with good wine and a good chat about our little lives.
  4. The night after a night out, when you go to bed really early with a good book. That was me in Sunday night, and it felt great. Snuggled down beneath my nice white sheets with a pair of bed socks keeping my toes toasty. Bedside light on, few chapters of book read, phone off, zzzzz


5. Having a great work day. Sometimes I get a little (very) distracted at work. When you work with your friends, having a chat that goes on for a little too long is VERY common. So is surfing the internet, checking twitter, making a lot of tea, tidying the office, answering emails the second they ping into the inbox. My method for getting my head down and WORKING is usually to work at home, but another little tactic I’ve been utilising lately is a paid of earphones and some reallllly relaxing music. Einaudi while I work. I achieved loads whilst being switched ON in my own little world of zen, and left the office at the end of the day having ticked a big part of a big project off my list. Uber satisfying.


6. A new pair of boots, and a new pair of jeans. They’re the second and third best clothing highs I reckon. First would obviously be that new winter coat, but since I bought a lovely thick parka last year with a cute blue tartan lining – I can’t really justify another. Nor would I want to – I love that coat. So the boots. A soft grey leather chelsea boot – they obviously go with everything and fit like a dream. They’ve got a little bit of a squidgy bounce in them and I love them so. Also love the word squidgy. I’m similarly loving towards my new jeans, since they fit perfectly and by some interesting use of pocket placement make my bum look as small as possible. Good one Oasis.

7. Porridge for breakfast. I think I could eat it for lunch too – I’m just a bit embarrassed at what my colleagues might think. I’m gobbling it up in the mornings with a sprinkle of brown sugar and some chopped strawbs. It’s keeping hunger locked up till lunch I tell you. (Guess the 90s kids TV reference?)


8. It wouldn’t really be a Wonderful Wednesday post without some reference to a) the weather or b) the seasons. Well as we’ve transitioned from a warm summers week where I wore ballet pumps to work, to wrapping up in my parka and thinking I could probably have done with a pair of gloves, it’s the perfect time to start a little musing on the changes. And this is the best one isn’t it? We Brits are just so perfectly at home in Autumn. Can’t get enough of that Back To School Stationary and new clothes we don’t really need. Get out that berry lipstick and embrace the cliches of Autumn I say. And I love it. My favourite thing is the weather getting windy. I just feel so alive when the wind blows. It’s invigorating and refreshing – and I love that first hit as you wander outside. Then you’ve got THAT sound of crispy Autumn leaves which haven’t yet fallen from the tree tops. I’m going to soak it all in, as usual.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little happy things – for more – hop over to these WONDERFUL women, who’ve been compiling the very best bits SallyMichelleKerri , Kate, Cat, Jo, and Samantha.






7 Comments Add yours

  1. Yoga totally made my list too! It’s been so lovely recently to help ground down. I’ve started scheduling in my relaxing evenings at home, otherwise they don’t happen and I need them to be sane!

    Jasmin Charlotte


    1. Helen says:

      I wish I’d discovered it earlier!


  2. lifeasunusuals says:

    I’m with you, I do enjoy the cooking but it’s nice to have dinner made for me every now and then. Like last night, I got to finished off my book whilst the other half made pizza. It was pretty good!

    I do love a good dinner of spag bol. I need to make some more and freeze it since it’s such a good easy dinner option especially as it’s getting colder. I think there’s going to be some bulk cooking on the cards for next week!


    1. Helen says:

      Yeah I always forget how good it is!! Hx


  3. Jo says:

    so with you with the windy days! Not too windy, but a little bluster can sometimes be really nice. I put on my ‘big’ coat for the first time today as it was pouring down on way to work and super windy… I didn’t mind one bit though wrapped up in my duvet like coat. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love listening to relaxing music when I need to get work done. If you like chill out music (that’s not distracting) you should check out the YouTube channel called The Chillhop Cafe, it’s just a constant stream of chill out music 24/7 🙂 i know exactly what you mean about going to bed the night after a night out, it’s the best feeling!
    Laura xx


    1. Helen says:

      Cool thanks for the recommendation!


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