Wonderful Wednesday 21 September 2016

Light and Leaves

It’s been a wonderful little week after a madly busy one. I wonder when being busy stopped being a symbol of success and started to feel like I hadn’t got the balance right – maybe my late 20s? What a granny I am.

Here’s what’s made this week lovely:

1. The warm, end-of-summer weather. It’s fresher and breezier, but warm enough for just a light jacket. Not to hot, not to cold. Goldilocks conditions.


2. Some little wanderings. I’ve been really enjoying my little potterings to and from work lately. The leaves are GORGEOUS at this time of year, as everyone knows. I’m waiting for twitter to erupt with images of boots and leaves (don’t worry – I’ll be right in there too) but it doesn’t seem to have begun yet. I’ve been looking past the houses to the moors, looking above the buildings to the leaves and the clouds, and filling my head with thoughts of nature in order to eliminate thoughts of work on my strolls. I’ve also got back into lunchtime walks, which are just super duper at refreshing me half way through the day. Just that little bit of space, that little bit of me time always does the trick.

3. Noticing the little things on said walks. As I walked along today I noticed: fluffy clouds tinged with yellow and grey; half-open waterlilies; a duck and her brood of little ducks searching for food in the rushes; a couple taking a picture of their glossy lack lab in front of some cows; the sun starting to sink below the horizon, bathing everything in a golden glow; the scent of freshly cut grass and the clatter of cutlery as next door sorted their early tea for their two little children.


4. A good cup of tea. As I’ve often documented, there’s nothing quite like that first cup of milky PG tips to start my day, but I’m now talking all things herbal. I’ve gone for broke, spending more than £4 a pop for 15 teabags. One of my faves at the moment is Teapigs Apple and Cinnamon. It’s like eating apple pie. Close second is Twinings Cammomile and Honey. The ones I don’t like are the fruity ones (too sour) and nettle (why?!).

Rose HIps

5. Having a quiet spell at work. My job is often CRAZY busy. Like, so busy I forget to eat/ drink/ go to the toilet. Lately, for a few blissful weeks, things have been a little slower. It’s been so nice to relax a little, to take the foot off the pedal and think a little bit more about things. To do all that research I usually put off. To spend a little longer making tea and having a little chat with colleagues without always having to dash off.

6. A night at the cinema. It’s something we love doing, but for one reason or another we haven’t been for ages. It was great to get stuck into a huge tub of sugary popcorn and sit in the dark for a couple of hours and switch off. Our culture-fix of choice? Bridget’s Baby. Good fun.


7. And… a night in with a film. Another thing we love doing, and another thing we’ve put off for ages. We watched the Big Short and really enjoyed it. Funny to think it was 8 years ago.

Hope your weeks have been lovely, and for some more loveliness – have a look at this tremendous bunch of dudes: SallyMichelleKerri , Kate, Cat, Jo, and Samantha.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ah, ducklings! I haven’t seen any yet this year – I’m jealous!


  2. Oh what a lovely walk, I think I need to take more in when I’m on a walk. It’s so easy to get lost in your own thoughts and not notice the goings on around you. I need to try out those tea’s you suggested especially the one that tastes like apple pie! I hope you’ve had a lovely week so far and a wonderful Wednesday!
    Peta x


  3. Those walks sound absolutely dreamy, and it really is lovely when you notice the little things around you! Having a few quiet weeks at work also sounds wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Mimmi xx


  4. Michelle says:

    Well that all sounds languid and peaceful! Glad things are slowing down a little for you.
    Get some Taylors Blackberry and Elderflower tea down your neck, it’s divine. If you like both of those things! If not, let’s move on and never speak of this again.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    M x


    1. Taylors…haven’t actually tried that brand…good tip and good combo – we can talk of it again. H x


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