Wonderful Wednesday 14 September 2016


Happy happy #wonderfulwednesday to you all! I’ve had one of those weeks where things have been a little quiet. Not in a bad way, not in a ‘my-life-is-so-calm-and-perfect’ way either. Just quiet, which can be rather nice. Little bit zen. Here were the highlights:

1. The heady scent of a bunch of lilies, which I bought for that reason. Some people find them too much; I find their overpowering fragrance makes me feel like I’m sitting in a tropical garden. They also make me think back to uni, where I used to buy them to disguise the smell of kitchen fat that used to pump out of the extractor fan next to my bedroom window.

Lasagne and Spinach

2. Soon it’ll be time for me to get off the air waves with this one – but oh that lasagne. This time with a green green salad of cucumber, spinach, rocket and celery, dressed in sharp apple cider vinegar. Melting mushrooms and bitter spinach, creamy Philadelphia and garlicky juices. My my. Recipe (not mine – here – but do double the veggies).

Evening Lights

3. The figs, the plums, the greengages and the damsons. It’s really the best time of year for fruit isn’t it? As I gobble up the last of this year’s continental peaches and nectarines the English plums are ready, bursting with juice. Best eaten straight from the tree, but not bad in a crumble. Damsons are in a league of their own. Intensely sticky, tart and sweet I really can’t get enough and this year I MUST freeze some stewed damsons for porridge throughout the year, rather than having to wait until next September. If I can only remember…

4. A good film. It’s been ages since I snuggled down on my beloved soft sofa with a cup of herbal tea and a film. My film of choice last week was Carol, and it was stunning. Beautifully shot and powerful acting, with the cinematography mirroring enhancing then contrasting with the emotive thread. Such a good watch. Made me think. And the soundtrack was great.

5. I got the munchies for something sweet on Friday night. Quite unusual for me – I’m usually reaching for toast and marmite past 10pm if hunger strikes. The cupboard was bare, and it was raining. I toasted up some oats with a little butter and maple syrup and left them to crunch up a little. I dolloped some Blackcurrant Longley Farm yoghurt (my fave yoghurt in all the world) on a quartered fig and scattered the oats on top. I then made myself an apple and cinnamon tea, and the combination was a little bit like eating a fruit crumble. NICE.

Deli Supper6. A deli supper for tea. Mr Roast Chicken doesn’t consider this a proper meal, but I do. I love having a little pick at this and that. And look at that salmon! Washed down with a super cold Sauvignon Blanc on a pleasantly uneventful Saturday evening home alone watching a few Eastenders repeats (6).

7. That first hour of the day. I’m a morning person. Not a super 6am morning person, more a leisurely tea-at-7.30am kind of girl. The first part of the day is always the nicest for me. Watching the birds in the garden while I drink my tea – the day all ready to unfurl. Best on weekend days when the unfurling consists of more tea drinking and perhaps a little stroll. It’s peaceful and the solitude pleases me.

8. Blogging. Lately I’ve been reading and writing more. It’s such a treat to have this warm, big community out there which I now feel kind of part of. People to laugh and share things with – people who are not my friends, but are kind of supporters none the less. Thankyou one and all!

And speaking of all you lovely folk out there – what’s made you happy this week? What have you noticed that’s a little out of the ordinary, that’s made you laugh? It’s these little moments that get me through this little life, and I love hearing about them. Above are my little snapshots – but have a look over at these women who have stored up the little things over the last few days – I guarantee they’ll make you smile: Sally,Β Kate, Michelle, Cat, Jo, Kerri and Samantha.

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  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    I enjoy the smell of lilies, they are probably the only flower smell I can recognise and really smell. I never buy them for the house, but I like to give them a sniff in the shops haha!

    I’m looking forward to the figs in the shops, they are a little pricey here, but I like to buy them occasionally because I love them!


    1. They’re too expensive aren’t they?! But worth it for breakfasts of ripe figs, yoghurt and granola πŸ™‚


  2. Cat says:

    I love a little deli-like supper too – feels like a holiday in your own home when there’s an array of delicious treats to choose from. I really wish I had a peaceful start to my days during the week, somehow there’s never enough time to sip and enjoy my first cup of the day, but rather I’m gulping it down and running out the door at 7.30. The weekend on the other time, they are definitely for my leisurely cups of tea – and catching up with all the Wonderful Wednesdays πŸ™‚ x


    1. I’ve actually just started getting up earlier. I know it’s a bit OCD – but I feel I really NEED that first half hour of the day to just…be ! Weekends are better though, obv πŸ™‚


  3. sallytangle says:

    Helen! Such a beautiful little list! I;’m so very jealous of your zen-like week, mine has been quite the opposite! Glad to hear you have treasured it though – it definitely is these weeks that you need to use to restore and rejuvenate in balance for the kind of weeks that make you so very tired!

    ALL of these were lovely points BUT you have my heart with the fruit one – yes to plums and damsons and a blackberries too! I must try baked plums this year! My Mr found the loveliest recipe for baked figs and plums with star anise, and cloves and cinnamon and you serve it with a little mascapone and mmmmm i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

    Happy mid-week darling!

    Sal x


    1. Ooh mascapone I forgot all about mascapone! Now the problem is I can’t find any more damsons anywhere and I’m in danger of running out before the season’s over – help! hx


  4. 24hoursintoday says:

    Aww such a lovely feel good post! That lasagne looks amazing, I really think I’m going to have to try and give it a go but in a dairy free kind of way!

    Lilies are such beautiful flowers, I’m with you on the smell. I’m also an early morning person, I always feel like I get so much more done if I’m up at around 7 rather than rushing around if I sleep in until 8:30!

    Your quite week sound so lovely.



    1. Yes – overpowering but brilliant!


  5. I love having flowers in the house, you’ve reminded me to buy some this week with the shopping! That lasagne sounds amazing too, I’ll definitely have to try it some time! I’ve been doing the same as you lately, sitting down on the sofa with a good film, sometimes it’s nice not to do anything else!
    Have a lovely week!
    Laura x


    1. I love ‘nothing’ evenings / days / weeks every once in a while!


  6. Natasha says:

    Yay, for Happy Wednesday! Those lilies are gorgeous, and I am definitely there with you on their scent, I love them and they do have that tropical feel to them. It is the best time for fruit at the moment, and you’ve reminded me I need to pick up some plums! I love the third photo down too, that golden light by the fountain is gorgeous, where is that?. Hope the rest of your week goes just as well! – Tasha

    Liked by 1 person

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