Wonderful Wednesday 7 September 2016

Summer Flowers

Happy Wonderful Wednesday one and all – how are we all? I’m back to normal after my super duper hols: working, swimming, blogging, walking, cooking and it’s not too bad really. Here’s what stood out as being extra-special this week:

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne

1. THAT lasagne. Have you ever seen anything you want to just dive into and tuck into with more ferocity? Oh it was good. Really good. Puts the comfort right into comfort food that does. I think I like it even better than meat lasagne? Really? Do I really? I think I might – THAT’S how good this was. It was a cheese, spinach and mushroom lasagne from BBC Good Food – here’s the recipe and I urge you to make it if you a) like cheese and b) like lasagne. I used double the mushrooms and double the spinach coz I’m generous / greedy like that. What a lovely thing to devour on a rather dull Monday night. With a crisp salad dressed only with plenty of sharp cider vinegar, it went down an absolute treat. Sorry Mr. Roast Chicken – sometimes the best things really need cheese.

2. Yoga. Yes yoga again. Yoga every day. Think there’s a hashtag for that. Actually, not yoga after a few glasses of wine the night before – that’s kind of hard. But yoga when you’re well rested, just before a steaming bowl of porridge. Well that’s a good start to the day. I’m still stretching, still lengthening and feeling strong and supple. My shoulders now lie flat on the floor when I lie down – something that I haven’t experienced for years, and I’m actually going to bed looking forward to the morning’s session! It’s also really nice to do something at home. It feels so nice to slouch around with a tea and then slouch over to the floor in my jim jams, usually, or at the very most, in a vest top and leggings. Much easier than leaving the house. And don’t get me started on how therapeutic the breathing has been. I’ve noticed I hold my breath a lot when I’m concentrating on something. But now I’m breathing lots of love in, and lots of love out. Ok I’ll stop now. That last reference will only work if you’re a Yoga With Adriene fanatic. (But you should be.)


3. And speaking of porridge… I had the most lovely of all lovely breakfasts on Sunday morning. After my first cup of tea and a whole hour of yoga, I settled down to cup of tea #2 and that bowl up there of simply splendid deliciousness. There in that dish is a dollop of yeo yalley vanilla greek-style yoghurt, a spoon of peanut butter, a perfectly-ripe fig, a generous drizzle of damsons and a scattering of oats. Just perfect. I really couldn’t have had a better breakfast. Think I might have it for dinner – not at all sure why not!

4. Walking my little wander to work. I’ve been driving the last few weeks and it’s been great – very quick, very convenient. But I’m actually enjoying the walk now that Mr. Roast Chicken’s regained custody of our shared car. There’s something energising about stepping out into the fresh air first thing in the morning. Getting the limbs flexed and the muscles pumping. The way back’s even more beneficial – a little 20 minutes or so to let the day sink in, and then float away.


5. A new pair of boots. I wasn’t going to buy the boots. I was going to buy some ballet pumps. They were on the main table as I went through the doors and my goodness they’re perfect. Soft leather and a dark grey colour, they fit like slippers but are totally waterproof and have a sturdy soul. They’re a chelsea boot, and I love them very much indeed.


6. I actually took the above pic a couple of weeks ago when I was on my lovely holiday – but I feel like I’m on a bit of a one-woman mission to remind everyone that it’s still SUMMER!! And that’s a wonderful thing – let’s not wish it’s over. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll very soon be waxing lyrical about crunchy leaves and I’ve already mentioned my new boots – but September’s a beautiful summer month for the first 3 weeks in Britain – and I’m enjoying it 🙂


7. Another pic I forgot to share, and another wonderful thing I’ve been enjoying lately (but only in my memories this week, it’s true) is noseying around boats. I love being by the sea, as I’ve often said, but in particular I love harbours, and boats, and watching a busy little world I know nothing about. I mean – what are all those buckets FOR?

8. Getting loads of sleep. A couple of months ago I was sleeping really badly. I was waking up really early and not going back to sleep. The past few weeks though I’ve been sleeping like an absolute baby. I’ve been swimming quite a lot and obv doing my now-daily yoga, so maybe that’s the ticket. Whatever it is, I’m waking slowly, slowly in the mornings and going downstairs in a haze only broken by the last few sips of my tea as I drink and watch the garden’s activity through the french doors. It’s not to bad at all.

I do so hope you’ve had lovely weeks. One lovely thing every week is having all your super super blogs to catch up on – and on Wednesdays – the #wonderfulwednesday troup make me smile very much indeed: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, Jo, Kerri and Samantha.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Your photos are just so bright, colourful and cheery! It’s keeping the summer alive and the weather at the minute is so warm too! Those boots sound perfect! Comfy and practical. I’ve been sleeping like an absolute baby recently. I don’t know whether I am catching up with all the sleep I didn’t have over the summer, but I’m appreciating a few lay ins!
    Have a gorgeous end to your week xx


    1. Oh thanks so much! And yes – I’ve got the door open as I type this – long live SUMMER!! h x


  2. Michelle says:

    That lasagne looks insanely delicious.
    You seem to have had a really lovely week with boats and yoga and whatnot but I’m not sure my brain can process anything but the cheesy goodness.
    Have a most bodacious rest of the week.
    M x


    1. OH yes. It’s been in my dreams 🙂


  3. lifeasunusuals says:

    I haven’t made a lasagne in ages! Maybe I’ll have to make it later in the week when the weather cools down a bit.

    Oh I love a good ripe fig! I think they have some in the shops at the moment, I might have to buy some!

    I managed to see loads of boats on the weekend and it makes a nice change from all the cars of everyday life!

    Here’s to a great rest of the week!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 24hoursintoday says:

    Awww once again you’ve made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! ❤ I absolutely adore Yoga With Adriene, keep breathing all the love in and all the love out!! 🙂 Your breakfast looks so good as doers the lasagne. I'm thinking of how I could re-create it without using cheese as it doesn't really agree with me.

    I'm very much a by the sea girl too, I grew up in a small fishing town in Cornwall so fishing boats, harbours and seagulls feel like home to me.

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful wednesday and a fantastic week!




    1. Aw that’s so nice to hear 🙂 Re the lasagne – here’s a great vegan lasagne I made ages ago – my boyfriend doesn’t eat cheese either so we often find vegan a good option! http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/67609/roast-pumpkin-and-spinach-lasagne I just left out the parmesan when I made it and it was great! h x


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