Nando’s Mediterranean Salad

Nando's Salad 2

Every time I go to Nando’s I order the Mediterranean Salad with a side order of chips. I’m not like that at other restaurants. Ok – I am totally like that at my local Thai restaurant, where I love their Thai Green Curry so much I know I can never beat it with anything else. I will never order it again with chilli chips though. That was just OTT. Anyway, I’m digressing…

The Mediterranean Salad at Nando’s is sooooooo utterly moreish. I think it’s partly due to the salty feta and olives, and mainly due to the scrumptious salad dressing they serve. I can’t find it ANYWHERE in the shops – or online. Can anyone help?

Nando's Salad 2

So I’ve left it out here, and just used a sprinkling of extra-virgin Greek olive oil and lemon juice. This was still DIVINE and put a real spring in my step. Would be great with chips…

Nando’s Mediterranean Salad
(serves 1)

100g feta cheese, cubed
50g sun dried tomatoes
about 12 olives, pitted
about a 4-inch chunk of cucumber, chopped
2 tomatoes, quartered
1 handful spinach
1 handful mixed leaves
splash extra-virgin olive oil (I used Greek – it has a really peppery flavour)
juice of half a lemon
dried oregano


1. Just mix it right up and sprinkle with the oregano!


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