Meal Planning Monday 22 August 2016

It’s a jumbled-up meal plan this week as I’m away until Wednesday, have guests on Friday and we’re both out at the weekend – but I’ve started a little diet to help shed a few post-holiday pounds, and determined to keep on track. And on the subject of weight – why do people say it’s easier to eat healthily in the summer? Erm… cold rosé in the beer garden, sausages on the BBQ, hummus, hummus and more hummus on a picnic??

Anyway, this is what I / we’ll be eating in this busy little week

Monday lunch – picnic of a big M+S salad, with one of their lovely dips
Monday dinner – out – maybe an Italian?

Tuesday lunch – another big M+S salad for another picnic
Tuesday dinner – out again – tapas?

Wednesday lunch – takeout sushi
Wednesday dinner – and another trip to M+S for a picnic for the train home 🙂

Thursday lunch – Omelette + tomatoes
Thursday dinner – Sweet Potato Falafels with Salad

Friday lunch – Omelette + tomatoes
Friday dinner – BBQ at ours!!!

Saturday lunch – Scrambled egg on toast
Saturday dinner – Veggie Chilli

Sunday lunch – Home made chunky vegetable soup
Sunday dinner – Pasta With Tomato and Spinach Sauce

Hope this gives you some ideas!




I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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