Wonderful Wednesday 17 August 2016


It’s a fabulous old door isn’t it? We’ve been exploring over the last few weeks, and had a beautiful little weekend in an old farmhouse with sheep and cows for company (livestock was outside in the fields, just for clarification). I’m writing this on a Wednesday in the middle of a lot of other smiley happy days as I’m on HOLIDAY! For a whopping 2 weeks!!! I can’t REMEMBER the last time this happened. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the sky is a bright silver as it’s yet to warm up and deepen into blue, and I’m a happy bunny.

Here’s what’s made this lovely week lovely:

1. Feeling incredibly lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who all support me, make me laugh, look after me and generally make me feel so loved. I’m so lucky in this department that I actually don’t realise it most of the time and can’t imagine a life where this isn’t the case. I can’t and won’t be complacent about it – it’s what life is. Makes the world go round, innit?

clouds and mountains

2. Awandering. Awandering along, with my family, with Mr. Roast Chicken. I just wish I could do this every single day and not have to work or clean the house or tidy things or make the bed. If I could just wander around the countryside every single day…. but I suppose that’s not really very realistic. And as regular readers here will know, I don’t do too badly for someone who is usually stuck in an office from 10-6 🙂

3. Fresh seafood, straight off the boats, with lashings and lashings of pinot grigio. I update the wise old words of Enid Blyton here to describe the most delicious eating I’ve been doing lately whilst on my travels. Move over beef – I want a crab burger please, eaten whilst pushing the hair from my face as the British coastal breeze whips it round and makes my lips salty. As everyone knows – food tastes best by the beach.


4. Nakd bars. I know, FAD food. Are they? Probably. But I’m so glad you can buy a tasty, filling, energising snack that isn’t filled full of things I’m not actually sure I can identify from this planet. I’ve been munching on them during long walks after quick grapefruit-only breakfasts. I hate eating first thing – it makes me feel sick and I’m never hungry until a few hours after I get up. But there’s the conundrum – what to do when you’re about to go up and down and around and about a nice long river/ lake/ beach and going to need more than zero calories to push you along? Hello two cups of tea and a grapefruit, with Nakd bar for elevenses 🙂

sky and flowers

5. All the SUNSHINE. I don’t need to be boiling hot, in fact I hate being boiling hot. Unless I’m by a swimming pool somewhere on the Mediterranean Coast, in which case it’s the most blissful state in existence. A little bit of sunshine goes a long way in boosting my mood. I wonder why this is. Is it the vitamin D? Or is it the fact that us Brits don’t see too much of it, so when it arrives it’s all the more welcome? Anyone got any ideas? I’ve been turning up my little face and soaking it all in, trying to avoid the lobster scenario and instead achieve a fresh, radiant glow. Well, I try.

6. Getting out of a routine. I delight in a routine. But I really don’t want to wish away my life by getting Stuck In A Rut. I think I’ve definitely nailed comfort and stability, and need to work on spontaneity and surprise if I’m not going to be completely grannified by the time I get to 40 – let alone when I’m ACTUALLY old. So the last few weeks have really shaken it up. We’ve stayed in a couple of gorgeous B+Bs, we’ve seen family, we’ve travelled around our lovely Islands. I’ve tried a few new foods (ok – they were just Itsu noodle pots, and Nakd bars – but they were new. And yummy. And relatively free from weirdie ingredients). I feel like I’ve learnt a few things, seen a few different ways of doing things and am now ready to get back to my sofa and my two-cups-of-tea-every-single-morning routine. As the very best reason to shake it up is obviously so that you can get straight back into it on returning 🙂

water and flowers

7. Exercise. I really didn’t think this would ever be me. I hated P.E at school. I dragged my little legs round cross country, whinging to my mates and trying to run/ walk as slowly as possible without being detected. But now I really feel sluggish and tired if I don’t exercise. I’m no fitness freak, but a little bit of swimming, a little bit of yoga, and a lot of wandering around our stunning countryside fills me with beans and makes everything a little bit more wonderful.

I do hope you’ve all been having lovely weeks – or at least, finding the little nuggets of happiness that lurk round the corners of the most miserable. For anyone out there wanting a little bit more sunshine moments – have a look at the blogs from the ladies who have made me stop and think for the last few months – SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, Jo, Kerri and Samantha.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. They may very well be faddy but those Nakd bars are a thing of beauty. The cocoa orange one is ridiculously addictive.
    Hope you’ve had wonderful days since you posted this! I’m off to check out all these fancy ball recipes I’ve just scrolled past.
    M x


    1. I’m loving the cashew one at the mo – nom nom nom


  2. Natasha says:

    So many beautiful shots here Helen, and those skies are just dreamy! I’ve been loving the sunshine this week too, it just puts me into an instant good mood. If only we could bottle it for daily use on those grey days. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your holiday so far and I hope the rest of it goes swimmingly for you too! There’s nothing like getting out of the old or normal routine and just enjoying some downtime in a new place or even just at home, and yes, the nakd bars are amazing! – Tasha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lifeasunusuals says:

    Yay for holidays!

    I really enjoy NakD bars, I like that they are so simple and tasty. My favourite is the mint one. Ok, they are a tad expensive and I reckon I could make them myself, but I always pick some up when I see them because they are the perfect snack especially when you’re out and about.

    I think the key to exercise is finding the one you like. I hated exercise at school and I won’t play team sports but cycling or a little running, I do enjoy. I want to do exercise by myself and I don’t want it to cost me money… so I’m all about a little running and a lot of cycling 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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