Wonderful Wednesday 3 August 2016


Happy Wonderful Wednesday!

And who wouldn’t be happy when gazing up at those fluffy, swirly clouds? Sometimes the best views can be found by looking up. Even more true in a city – try it.

1. So THOSE clouds made me pretty happy. I was on a little post-work wander, and the clouds were changing by the minute. I’d love to have the time now to lie on the grass and stare up at the clouds. Remember doing that at playtime?


2. I’ve spoken about this a lot, but there are times when only a lonely moor will do. After work one night this week I scampered off to the moors. I felt like I wanted to be on my own, and wanted to hear nothing but my own footsteps. Here, just 15 minutes drive from my house, I really couldn’t hear a thing. Most of the time, our ears are bombarded by sounds. Other people, phones, radios, traffic, aeroplanes. That baby next door. (I know I know – he can’t help it etc etc). It’s really rare to hear nothing. I think that’s why it’s so perfectly relaxing. It’s a halt to noise, and usually stopping, and being still, is rather soothing. Out here on the moor I could hear my footsteps and my breath. I heard a few birds and sheep tugging at the grass. I heard the wind breezing around, whipping up the long grass. At one point a light aircraft flew over, and at another, a landrover drove along a track from a farm. I think that was pretty much it.

3. Remember Calippo ice lollies? Did they ever go away? Or is it just from my life that these beauties have been absent for far too long? There are so many good things about a Calippo. Pleasing to hold, being encased with plastic coated cardboard and therefore completely mess free, they have that lovely layer of stickiness on the first lick. They have pleasing texture to take a bite from, being ever so slightly creamy. And there’s that pool of delicious zingy juice that collects in the bottom for one to slurp up when the rest of the lolly gets a little bit smaller and one can tip it up and let the juice slip down ones throat. Thankyou Calippo for still being there. But where are the lemon ones?


4. Blogging 🙂 I’ve been a little quieter on here of late. I think a lot of bloggers slow down a little over summer. Is it being outside that does it? A desire to be away from screens and soaking up the rays instead? I do so enjoy my little forays into the blogosphere though. It seems the ideal mix of getting thoughts down on paper that you might not know how to share, or even compute without this outlet. It’s very satisfying to offload all the nonsense in my mind, and try and make sense of it in this little space. And it’s even more lovely to meet other bloggers – I’ve never come across such a friendly little community.

5. Catching up with really old friends has been lovely this week. I’m a little bit of a social hermit, and quite often prefer my own company – or just that of Mr Roast Chicken. But we had a really special gathering this weekend, and I remembered how important friendship is in life. People who have known you for ever – who know what to say to make you feel better – or who know how to mock you mercilessly.

Peppermint Tea

6. A couple of new teas. This week it’s been the turn of a delicate chai tea and an apple and bramble-fruit infusion. I enjoyed an unhurried couple of hours last weekend, sipping tea with spotify drifting through some relaxing music and my little woodwick candle crackling away beside me. Then there was also the real peppermint tea, savoured during a lazy Sunday afternoon, where I did nothing but read the papers and listen to the birds.

Setting sun

7. Shopping in an Asian supermarket. A little confession here – I have a secret love of supermarkets abroad. Poking around amongst the packets of slightly-different biscuits, trying to work out if I’m buying rabbit – and Lays crisps. And then there was the BEST crisps I ever found, rosemary flavour posh super-crispy crisps in Germany. Tax-free wine’s always a treat too. But I also love Asian supermarkets for their sheer weirdness. Well, weird for me – I suppose they’re not weird at all if you can read all the writing and work out what you’re actually buying. Chicken feet in the meat section though? I moved quickly past that one. Well I was having a lovely little potter during a lunchtime this week and was happily sifting through about 30 types of dried mushroom, and trying to work out whether rice or glass noodles would most fit the bill. It made me smile, and I came home with one of three different types of Vietnamese rice paper packs to make spring rolls later in the week. Nom nom.

What’s made you smile this week in these strange and unsettling times? What has made you rise your head above the mass of everyday dullness and made you glad to be alive? Do share – and when you’re done – head over to the rest of the #wonderfulwednesday crowd for some more: Sally, Kate, Michelle, Cat, Jo, and newbie Samantha (welcome to the club!)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle says:

    You do describe things so beautifully, even (especially) the joy of a Calippo, Haven’t had that pleasure in a LONG time.

    I too live not far from the moors, there’s something amazing about being able to immerse yourself in complete silence and peace after a day full of whatever stimulation your day brings. Enjoy the rest of your week and more cloud pictures please, they’re a delight.
    M x


    1. I love the lakes and the rivers and the sea, but the moors are where I feel most free, most Cathy Earnshawesque 🙂


  2. sallytangle says:

    This is SUCH a lovely little collection of things to be happy about and – as always – combined with the prettiest of photos to keep them company 🙂

    Sometimes just being alone is the ticket, especially like you say when there is so much general noise everywhere now. LOVE that you just took yourself and it sounds like it did you so much good.

    I adore fresh mint tea, it’s the taste of summer! Sometimes we chill it and squeeze fresh lemon in it and add pomegranate and loads of ice too! It’s THE most refreshing.

    Thank you so much for always joining in lovely one, i’m so glad you do – your posts are beautiful. I especially loved this weeks little conclusion – so so very true.

    Sending love xxxx


  3. lifeasunusuals says:

    Clouds are some of my favourite things. I look at them a lot, but often forget to snap a photo to remember them at a later date. I should do that more.

    I love the picture you paint of the moors. It’s perfect. I love silence like that, silence and nature, that’s how it is meant to be.

    Having been a little absent from blogging for a bit, or been too busy to keep up with others, it’s nice to finally have that time back. It’s a nice place to be to share, to chat, to laugh and to unwind.

    Have a great week!

    ~ K



    1. I don’t think I stop and look at the clouds enough. In fact, I don’t think I stop enough at all! But yes, stopping and looking up is a huge pleasure, and this space makes me remember to do it much more often!


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