Wonderful Wednesday 27 July 2016


What’s been making you smile this week lovely readers?

1. Thundering thunderstorms make me happy. When I’m inside that is. When I’m outside they’re obviously quite awful – I hate being cold and wet. But a few days ago, sitting with my THIRD cup of tea (I’m oh so quirky and adventurous, always shaking things up) I sat with the patio door wide open and watched and listened to the rain just PELT down. It was great. The garden started to smell all lush, and I felt all safe and warm inside my little house 🙂

2. Yesterday I only had a short lunch break – I had to get back for a 2pm meeting, and I had planned on whizzing out to the moors for a little walk. I’m so glad I rushed over anyway. After a little 5 minute drive through the fields I was on open moors, looking at the foxgloves climbing high into the air above the drystone walls, and seeing the roads looking so much smaller with all the crowding in of hedgerow plants and grass. I only had time for a little 10 minute stroll, but it was that fresh burst of air and country smells that really made me stop in the middle of the day and remember that there are other, more lovely things in life than meetings and deadlines.

3. Picnic dinners. I’m on my own this week, and enjoying eating Exactly What I Want. Last night I had a pork pie and picked onions and it was delish. I watched a little bit of EastEnders then went out for a lovely little swim, then had All The Bed to myself. Not bad 🙂


4. Cutting the grass. Now that I’m Old, there’s a certain pleasure to be had from taming my garden – the grass in particular. It only takes a few minutes, and it neatens up the whole place somethin’ lovely. I spent Sunday morning raking out the moss, and then aerating it with a fork (that’s something garden-people do it seems) and I’m looking forward to the rain and sun making it glow green in a couple of weeks. Didn’t fancy covering it with chemicals and losing the birds who like to bob around pulling up worms.

5. Prawn salad for lunch. Now here’s a yummy lunch I missed. Fresh prawns, shreaded lettuce, salt, pepper – finito! No mayo – no lemon juice, just the sweet prawns and crunchy lettuce. Mmmmmm.

6. Arm muscles. I have tiny puny little arms with absolutely NO muscles to speak of. Well I did – but that was pre-yoga. I wouldn’t say I now have Popeye-proportioned biceps, but I certainly found last night’s swim a little easier now that I have a slight bit more strength in my arms. Thankyou yoga, with all your downward facing dogs that make me sweaty and give me a head-rush.

Lemony Pea Dip

7. Forgive the hastily – shot photo above – but can you blame me when I tell you that above is the lunch of small, pleasant dreams? Chunky lemony pea dip with a scattering of fresh basil leaves, with the sweetest juiciest tomatoes? I thought not.

8. Cherries. Hurrah for English cherries, THE most delicious of fruits. I ate half a punnet yesterday after lunch and I am Not Sorry.

What have all your weeks been filled with? Going away? Staying at home? Do share! And for more happiness – head on over to the #wonderfulwednesday gang who will provide you with enough smiles to bounce you over into next week: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, and Jo.

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  1. Cat says:

    Oh I absolutely adore a good thunderstorm…there’s nothing cosier than being snuggled up in bed listening to the thunder outside and the rain pounding against the windows, even better when lightning lights up the room every so often too. Good times!

    Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week – pork pies and pickled onions are a genius combination. Yum. And your lemony pea dip looks delicious too, will have to give that a try… Enjoy the rest of your week(end!)

    C x


    1. Yes although I say it myself that pea dip is the bees knees – and I ALWAYS have frozen peas in so it’s usually super-easy 🙂


  2. Natasha says:

    Oh I love thunderstorms too, and we had a couple of great ones last Tuesday after that super hot day. There’s just something exhilarating about watching the lightning strike across the sky. Love your beautiful outdoor shots here too, and those thistles are such a gorgeous colour! – Tasha


    1. thanks – and yes – exhilarating’s the word!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Michelle says:

    Bed to yourself and pork pie with pickled onions? You definitely win this week.
    The best thunderstorm I ever saw was on our honeymoon – snuggled up in a tiny cabin on stilts watching the lightning slash across the Indian Ocean was ruddy marvellous. I haven’t yet had a storm as cracking as that one but still, it’s always fun to sit in and watch the weather go wild. As wild as you and your three cups! If I was mobile (and cooler) I’d do a winky face emoji now. Have a lovely rest of the week.
    M x


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