Wonderful Wednesday 20 July 2016


I’m regaining a bit of balance in my life. I used to think all of that ‘balance’, ‘me time’ and ‘inner peace’ was a whole load of maloney. Something hippy vegans talked about when they found themselves in India. Goa, usually. Maybe it’s because I am now ancient, and enjoy vegan food, but I really understand what it means now. To me, having balance is mainly about having TIME. Time to be me – to do the things that make me smile (swim, do pilates / yoga, go on walks). Making time around my busy days to sit back and do nothing for an hour or so. To catch up on a bit of tv with a cuppa, to go to bed early enough to read a bit of my book. Funny how the things that make me feel good are GOOD for me. Well lately I’ve been doing more of them, and it’s been making me smile. In particular, I have been…

1. Walking along the beach, smelling the salty seaweed, the gorse and the bracken. We had an impromptu little stroll earlier this week on a really hot evening. It was strange to walk along that familiar little patch of coast, where often the wind is whipping round and I have to tie my hair back in a tight knot to stop it blowing all over my face. This time, there wasn’t so much as a sigh of the wind – all was still and calm, and the water was like glass.


2. A breakfast of home-grown stewed rhubarb, Longley farm rhubarb yoghurt, topped with a spoonful of buttery sugary oats. Totally delicious, and kept me going through a morning yoga session until a late lunch of sausages on toast 🙂

3. A little Sunday morning walk. Sometimes I wake up and I’ve just got to get OUT. I just have to stretch out the olde legs and inhale some countryside air. Last Sunday was one of these days, and I leapt out and about, over a stile and along a track until I got a little bit scared of the farmer’s dog which just wouldn’t stop barking and looking at me and probably wondering what on earth I was doing tramping over his fields at silly o’clock in the morning.


4. Feeling hot. Most of the UK has been pretty warm the last few days and I’m not going to complain. We so rarely get anywhere near the high 20s that I’m trying to enjoy every last second. I’ve drunk my morning tea sitting out on our little table most mornings this week, and read my book outside until the sun’s gone down and I’ve had to retreat to find light inside. It’s been so nice to not even bring a cardigan to work, let alone a coat. Long may it last – hopefully longer than a few days 🙂

5. I’ve been really enjoying yoga lately. I still prefer pilates for the more intense cardio, but yoya has been leaving me strong and refreshed due to all the breathing and zenyfying aura. Ok I’m one of those hippies now. Lovin it.


6. Getting lots and lots of sleep. A few weeks ago I had a bit of a hectic time, and wasn’t sleeping very well. I’m not one of those people who lie awake for ages, not able to sleep; instead, I zonk out straight away only to wake up at about 4am really really tired. But the last few nights, despite the heat, I’ve been sleeping like a baby until 8, or 9 at the weekend, and it’s made me feel so much more alive. There’s no better feeling on earth than when you wake up totally rested and ready for that first sip of tea 🙂

7. I made the effort to go swimming this week, even though I was pretty tired and had already done yoga AND a walk down the beach the same day. But I’m so so glad I did. It was a little warm in the pool, but I still managed to swim as fast as I could for half an hour and came out feeling really energised. MUST not be lazy MUST remember that it makes me feel a little bit like superwoman 🙂

How have your week’s been? What makes you tick? Do you agree with any of the things that make me smile or do you think I’m as loony as a loon? Do tell me – I love to hear what people think. And have a look at the rest of these wonderful women who document the little happy things in life: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, and Jo.

Helen xx

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  1. Well I have a HUGE bed so that helps 🙂 Love it 🙂


  2. we invested in a huuuuuge bed and luxury mattress which helps! And I sleep best on Mondays after a nice swim 🙂


  3. 24hoursintoday says:

    It’s crazy how exercise and breathing during yoga can just change your mood instantly for the whole day isn’t it! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week, I hope the weather continues to be nice for you 🙂

    Peta x



    1. I know – it’s just getting over the ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude – once you’re over it – it’s great! H x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cat says:

    Definitely not a loony loon – your posts give my London lungs a big dose of country-fresh air!

    What on earth is your secret to sleeping long sleeps on these hot nights?! I’ve been sleeping but really badly and am plagued with the oddest dreams. I think I need to be slightly cooler… Like you, I have enjoyed not having to go to work without even a light jacket or cardigan over the last few days, long may it last!

    Enjoy the rest of your week! C x


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