Wonderful Wednesday 13 July 2016


So #WonderfulWednesday has rolled around again, and I’m happy to share with you the things that have made this week a wonderful one, though it might not have seemed it without stopping to think and count them all up. I’m trying my hardest not to miss the best moments amongst the dull and the tedious 🙂

1. Music and white noise. In my packed little office it can get a little rowdy. Great fun, but not always conducive to great work. So my colleague recommended a site …noisli.com. I stick in my headphones and listen to waterfalls, the waves, a fire flickering or a mountain stream. Turn it up loud and drown out the chattering and laughing. I get all zen and focussed. For something with a little more substance I’m loving a bit of Einaudi – it takes the top layer of chaos out of my day.


2. There’s so many nice things about being by a lake. I love the sounds as the little waves break on the stones and boats clank together. Breathing in and smelling the water and the mud on the shore.  Swimming in lakes is fabulous. Cold and fresh, I’ve never felt so alive. Bit chilly though, in the UK. Looking out across this lake – Windermere – over to the mountains beyond always makes me feel good. It’s a busy lake in lots of parts, with holiday makers and rich boat owners playing on the water. There are ferries and plastic dinghies, and everyone’s there to have fun, so it’s not an unpleasant sort of busy. Except Bank Holidays. They’re pretty awful. There are a very few quiet places, and these are where the lake is at its nicest. I feel like myself, and its the happiest I can ever be, just strolling along by the shore.


3. I’ve had a few blissfully early nights this week. I’ve trailed up the stairs, kindle in hand, and lost myself in a good book before falling asleep for a long long time. I haven’t been sleeping too well in the last month or so. Light mornings coupled with a screaming baby next door has not been too helpful in staying asleep past 6am. But I’m back to my usual sleep-loving self and sleeping straight through, feeling refreshed and ready for action each day. But before I snooze off – a good book. I’ve been reading fiction for a good few years now, but I’m back onto non-fiction, and my subject of choice at the moment is Africa. I go through phases with books, enjoying reading about sunny Mediterranean lives, or Arctic adventures book by book, and now I’m on my third book about the people, politics and countryside that make up Africa.

4. Just to remember and record, again, the pleasure of new sheets. I’ve improved the routine now, and we’re putting new sheets on during the day, rather than last thing at night. The luxury of crisp clean sheets is marred by the faff of actually having to put them on, so doing this horrid task a few hours early seperates the chore from the utter delight of climing into bed in the evening.

English Meadow

5. The beauty of an English meadow. Buzzing with bees and insects, alive with colour, smelling like childhood, of damp grass and playtime and warm evenings and being allowed to stay up late. Maybe it’s because you’re shorter, or maybe you’ve got more time to notice without being distracted, but as a child I remember pulling daisy petals off one by one. Running my fingers over wheat to pull off the seeds. Slowly pulling out blades of grass to see if I could get them out without breaking the stem. Now I have to force myself to notice these things – but when I do, it takes me right back to those improbably long, hot summers of my imagination.

6. A good massage. It’s AGES since I had a massage. I almost like leaving it so long, as it’s so luxurious once I have one again. I fell asleep again, as I always so. I try and stay awake to enjoy every last second – but it feels so good, and the scented oil, dark room and warm massage table all make me nod off. I felt all floppy and flexible afterwards, I went home with a spring in my step.

I hope your weeks have been wonderful – and if you want a little bit more, head on over to the #wonderfulwednesday team: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, and Jo.

I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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