Wonderful Wednesday 6 July 2016


Hello everyone! I completely missed Wonderful Wednesday last week! I didn’t even catch up with the rest of the #Wonderfulwednesday gang until the weekend. The whirlwind’s spinning a little slower now, but I’m still busy busy busy and can’t remember which day of the week is which!

I don’t really like being crazily busy. I used to. I used to go out every single night and for most of the weekend I’d be running round catching up with friends, seeing the sights and generally not stopping for breath. Then I realised I really like stopping for breath, and that’s my new favourite thing.

Here’s what’s made my heart sing this week:

1. Stopping for breath. Mainly in the form of Watching Little Women all Sunday afternoon. It took all of Sunday afternoon, what with the fact that I fell asleep about ten minutes in, then made cups and cups of tea throughout. When you think Beth’s died. And then when she actually does. Sob.


2. The moors near where I live. Call me Cathy Earnshaw, but some of my favourite spots for walking are those spots where the countryside opens up around you for miles and miles. You don’t meet another soul. You can breath a big sigh and nothing that seemed so important back in the office feels so important before. You think off all the hundreds and thousands of years that the place has just…existed. You smell peat bog and sheep, and hear nothing but the wind whipping around, and the Lapwings, whose weird little cries always remind me of 80s video games.

3. Wimbledon. Well it had to be in here. And of course, it’s not really the tennis is it? It’s the outfits, the celebrity-spotting and the thwack of the tennis balls. And Sue Barker.


4. A good swim to clear the head. As I’ve said, life has become a little hectic recently, and on Saturday night I took myself off to the swimming pool. It might just be my favourite time to go swimming. Most people have more exciting things to do on a Saturday night, and so I had the whole pool to myself. From the first toe-dip into the glassy water, to lounging at the shallow end kicking my feet after I’d done – it was just me in this lovely big pool. Superb. I got home and everything seemed more manageable. And I’d worked off that huge piece of flapjack I ate whilst watching the tennis. Maybe.

5. Enjoying a REALLY good glass of wine. When you take a sip and a big smile spreads across your face. SERIOUSLY good. Trouble is, we were given the wine a while ago by a friend, so I just have to source it now. I’m not really too knowledgeable about wine – but when I get a goodun – I go with it 🙂


6. My new garden furniture. It’s only a little table and chairs, but I’ve really no idea why it’s taken us so long to sort this out. I can now have a little resting place for my tea and kindle, which isn’t the floor, or the back step, and I feel so much more civilised, and UK-appropriate, than my sunlounger, which always feels a little OTT to be using on the patio.


7. Yoga. I’ve recently started a little course, just to see what it’s like. At the moment, I think I still prefer Pilates, as it has the combination of aerobic, strengthening and balancing – but there’s definitely something special about yoga. Clearing your mind from clutter being a main one, and with yoga, the balances are so strange and unusual you simply can’t allow your mind to wander to the shopping list for fear of falling over, so afterwards, felt a little calm and zen like a good Yogi should be.

What lovely things have happened to you this week? What’s made you smile a little? What’s made everything just a little bit funny? Let me know – and while you’re at it – have a look over here at the #wonderfulwednesday girls: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, and Jo.

Have a lovely Week!


I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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