Wonderful Wednesday 22 June 2016

Late Spring Evening

Summer’s here! At my work, it’s when we relax, we plan, we organise, we sort. And that’s my favourite list of things-to-do-at-work-considering-I-have-to-work-and-cannot-lollop-around-all-day. The only snag, as I’ve mentioned before, is that my office is teeny tiny and HOT! I have to drink iced water all day just to keep an even temperature. But it means I’m all the more eager for a little potter about at lunchtime, or a little sit with my kindle in the park, to gulp lungfuls of fresh air and feel the sun on my face.

It’s been a SUPER busy week – and this will continue, so here’s what’s kept me calm along the way:

1. My family. They always know what to say when I’m going every so slightly loopy with my crazy little world. A little blast of reality, and an outside perspective is often exactly what I need to quieten the commotion.

2. Tea. Oh tea in the morning when I get up. Tea to perk me up in the afternoon. Herbal tea to sip through the day. Peppermint after dinner. But mainly that first cup after a long sleep. Potentially like the first beer (although I don’t care much for beer) and definitely like the first sip of cool white wine, the first tea of the day is comforting in a way that can’t be beaten. The second cup is for lounging and finally coming round to start the day. The third is for weekend mornings 🙂


3. Getting into bed when you’re really really tired. You know when your head finally hits the pillow, you can give a big stretch and know that you’ll fall asleep for a hundred years? That’s been me, most days in the last couple of weeks, and it’s felt good 🙂

4. Having a barbeque. Is it a British thing? That we can so rarely eat outside it feels like the most outrageously delightful treat when we do? We bought sausages and burgers and made a huge cauldron of salad and munched our way through the lot. With cold beers (boys) and cold wine (girls). Gender stereotyping? Ah well, it happened.

Flowers by Water

5.  More gardening. I know – I really do – but…gardening. So satisfying to pull up all the wild grass that’s taken over paths and the patio. Now we have paths and a patio, which is pleasing. More pleasing is the neat (ish) line I managed to achieve with the help of a pair of garden sheers. I love being outside, and gardening almost gives me an excuse. Especially when it’s a little too chilly to simply sit (which is better, I have to admit) it’s great to get out and stay out all morning pruning and pulling and planting. I even bought some shrubs.


6. Non-fiction. A few years ago all I read was non-fiction. I travelled to Antarctica on a scientific expedition; climbed Everest a few times, in all seasons; lived in Spain, Provence and Venice; looked after sheep in the Lake District and grew up with Nelson Mandela. Now I’m walking the length of the Nile from source to sea, and I’m really enjoying learning as I read. I sound a bit like a teacher. But it’s the reason my overly-efficient brain turned to non-fiction in the first place – multitasking – learning and relaxing at the same time. It’s nice to be back. Fiction – I’ll see you soon.

Hop along to SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, and Jo for more #wonderfulwednesday loveliness if you should so wish – there’s plenty to go round, and I hope you’ve all found and enjoyed the beautiful moments in the last few days.

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  1. Gardening has become one of my favourite ways to pass the sunshiny weekend days. It’s methodical and relaxing at the time and beyond satisfying when it all bursts into life and you realise you haven’t killed everything!
    Have a great rest of the week, filled with more al fresco scoffing I hope.
    M x


    1. I feel a bit old but I love it 🙂


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