Meal Planning Monday 20 June 2016

In a busy busy week I have lots of super quick ready-made or easily-assembled meals I can grab at home before heading off out – or warm up in the microwave at work. It’s weeks like these that I still want to eat relatively healthily, but I just haven’t got more than 5 minutes to prepare meals each evening – so here’s the plan:

Monday Lunch: Scrambled Eggs (as I’m working from home, and this is my favourite quick midday snack 🙂
Monday Dinner: Pizza

Tuesday Lunch: Rocket, Lambs Lettuce and Egg Salad
Tuesday Dinner: Pork Pie With Salad

Wednesday Lunch: Cottage Cheese on Rye Bread With Tomatoes
Wednesday Dinner: Jacket Potato With Mature Cheddar and Tomatoes

Thursday Lunch: Cottage Cheese on Rye Bread With Tomatoes
Thursday Dinner: Jacket Potato With Mature Cheddar and Tomatoes

Friday Lunch: Tomato and Lentil Soup
Friday Dinner: Pizza in my favourite Italian restaurant 🙂

Saturday Lunch: Tomato and Lentil Soup
Saturday Dinner: Pub Grub 🙂

Sunday Lunch: Scrambled Eggs
Sunday Dinner: Fish and Boiled New Potatoes with Peas

Hope this mish mash of suppers and snacks tickles your tastebuds – have a great week!!



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  1. Hi Helen, there is not one meal I would turn my nose up at. I just wish I was so organised! The cottage cheese with rye bread and tomatoes, is something I do enjoy often as a light lunch in the summer (it works well for breakfast too!) and I love the taste of egg and rocket together, they compliment each other nicely.



    1. I’ve only discovered rye bread a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT!! 🙂


  2. Jan says:

    Lots of delicious food there. We don’t have fish very often but I do love it served with new potatoes and peas. #MMBC


    1. Yes me too – and my potatoes are soooo delicious!


  3. It all sounds lovely. I do love a jacket with cheese though 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC Hope to see you next week x


    1. Yup – I always forget how tasty a good old jacket potato is! H


  4. It actually all sounds fab, jacket potatoes are always a hit for an easy dinner x


    1. I know – I always forget about them for some reason!


  5. Kim says:

    Ohh! Yum! Everything sounds delicious and so quick and easy to make 😀 x


    1. Yup – needed something simple this week!


  6. Charlotte says:

    Sounds like a lovely light, quick and easy week. I still haven’t got round to my meal plan so it will be rushing around later to see what we can have. #MMBC


    1. Yes sometimes you just need a break! H x


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