Wonderful Wednesday 8 June 2016

Beach Flowers

It’s been a funny olde couple of weeks. I’ve had a strange and unsettling time at work which is thankfully almost over, and Mr Roast Chicken’s been away working, so I’ve been without my favourite chum to bat around our little problems for what seems like ages. I should have turned to books, music and exercise to banish the negativity that’s been flying my way, but instead I turned to junk tv and mindless internet surfing. It’s too too easy to give in and give up, to go to the things that provide a quick fix (and they do provide an hour or two’s diversion) but that make you feel worse not too long after that. It’s hard though, as when my mind’s too busy, I find it really hard to discipline myself into doing calmer and more fulfilling activities – I feel like I need more instant stimulation to take me away from stressful situations.

I’m determined that next time I hit a slump I’ll deal with it more wisely. And this week, with a calmer work / home life, I’m not craving rubbish tv and alcohol, but instead have been gulping huge glasses of water and testing myself with lots of pilates. I feel so much better.

And what’s more….


1. The FLOWERS at the moment are just the absolute BEST aren’t they? HUGE blooms of the softest white rose petals are peeping over their climbing frame, as well as the coolest flower I’ve ever seen, which is an orange rose tinged with bright pink stripes. It’s super sexy, for a rose 🙂 And the scent….can anyone tell me something that smells nicer than burying your nose right into a rose and breathing in? No? Me Neither. If I could bottle it, I would, or I would buy some more expensive-but-delightful Jo Malone Red Roses and spritz that around instead. But it will never compete with the real thing.

Oak Leaves

2. The fact that the weather has really turned has made me smile no end. There’s something so liberating about bare feet, as I’ve mentioned before, no coat, and sitting out in the sun at lunchime, wolfing down a nice fresh salad. All the smells are heightened, and things are so much more relaxing when you’ve not got your shoulders hunched against the wind, hood pulled down over a slightly wet forehead.


3. I’ve been Sorting Out The Garden this week. I’m not really much of a gardener – even though I’ve had my very own little outside spot for nearly a year now. I planted some bulbs last autumn though, and they’ve had me smiling since January, seeing the little snowdrops, then daffs, then crocuses and tulips spring up. But the garden’s positively ERUPTED in the last couple of weeks. There’s leaves, branches and general tangle EVERYWHERE and there’s only so many weeks I can get away with calling it a ‘natural’ effect. It’s rather too natural, and I’ve spent a good few hours this week generally de-tangling and weeding. It looks SO much better. I can see the plants I actually want to see now, away from the mess of dead bracken and ferocious brambles.

Sunset and Leaves

4. Evening strolls are my favourite little wanderings. When the suns beginning to sink and lately, lose its intense heat. When the blackbirds really begin to sing before bed and everywhere settles down for the night. I never really see many people out and about, and that’s always good for my little hermit-like tendencies.

Rocks on the Beach

5. I had nearly a week off blogging last week. I just wasn’t feeling it. I had lots of ideas in my head but when it came to actually scribbling them down… not happening. So this week I’ve been enjoying getting back into it with perhaps the best salad I’ve ever created: Grilled Sweetcorn, Samphire and Avocado Salad (really can’t be too sorry for that little boasty boast as it’s absolutely YUM). The blogging community is the friendliest – one of the reasons I love it so much, and it’s nice to be back after a short little break.

Long Grass

6. Speaking of breaks and food, I’ve actually had a LONG time away from cooking for a cookaholic like me. Last week I was away over the bank holiday and was fed by my mum and sister, and I returned to a couple of ‘bitty’ meals on Tuesday and Wednesday as Mr Roast Chicken was away and I could get away with it. Then I had visitors, went out for dinner and then was away all weekend. I got back to notice that a) the freezer could do with a little defrost and b) my shopping bill was DOUBLE the usual amount last month! So I’ve decided to intentionally prolong the cooking slump and eat some freezer meals (pizza, fish and chips and frozen home-made stews from AGES ago) until the freezer is empty and our pockets are replenished. So last night I enjoyed an Extremely Tasty goats cheese and caramelised onion pizza (thanks Booths and your 2 pizzas + side + bottle of prosecco for £10), and tonight we’ll be digging in to pasta with frozen broccoli, spinach and peas (with PLENTY of parmesan, obvs).

7. Getting back to normal after being in such a whirlwind is a really lovely, calming, satisfying feeling. Having time to make that second cup of tea, read a little, potter a lot. Love it 🙂

8. Couldn’t really leave my Wonderful Wednesday without mentioning my SUPER wonderful lunch yesterday. It’s taken me a while to get into rye bread but hello hi heya g’day I’ve ARRIVED! Toasted with cottage cheese, chives and the juiciest sweetest tomatoes ever (in England that is – they’re always better around the Mediterranean aren’t they?). That was a little lunch of bliss. Think I might always eat rye bread from now on it has the most savoury ‘bready’ taste. And better, it’s firm enough to be able to pile high with yummy toppings. Any suggestions?

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Have a super lovely week all!



13 Comments Add yours

  1. How beautiful are these clicks!!! Take it easy,relax and enjoy the rest of the week too:))


  2. solange says:

    We are here, waiting for your ideas and lovely photographs, join us with an inheritance recipe this weekend (hosted by Pebble Soup) :)) You are so lucky to live by the sea, the nearest I have is the Thames, though we have a beach down the river, I would not recommend a stroll there, might end up in Dover 🙂


  3. Cat says:

    Sorry to hear that things have been tough but so pleased to hear that things are on the up again – it’s so important to have someone to talk to at times like that, so I’m glad your mister is back!

    Stunning photographs, as ever. I completely agree with your thoughts about the sun making everything better – I sat in the park with my book at lunchtime today and came back to the office feeling that my spirits were so much higher than they have been of late. A little sun and gorgeous blooms all around really does make all the difference.

    I need you to come round and tackle my garden – it’s on my list of things to do this weekend. I’m hoping it stays dry and I can keep the motivation up!

    Enjoy the rest of your week. C xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes I’ve only done one half of the garden so depending on which way I look it looks great or still decidedly in need of attention! H x


  4. Kate says:

    As always your photos are just stunning and so summery! The light and vibrancy of them has me smiling like a loon over here! The sunshine is giving me all sorts of happiness and motivation this week. Aren’t the flowers gorgeous? I completely agree about the smell of roses. That reminds me to cut a few from our bush to bring inside to enjoy in a little vase.

    I sorry to hear that work has kind of knocked you down. Much as I always feel that I will do worthwhile and outdoorsy things when I’m feeling down, sometimes that just takes too much damn effort! Don’t be hard on yourself.

    Have a fabulous end to your week my lovely xx


  5. sallytangle says:

    First of all, yes yes and YES to each and every point! Doesn’t lately look so damned pretty with all of the flowers?!? It really does feel like it’s all happened all at once and combined with all of that sunshine – it’s just lovely! Welcome aboard the Rye bread bus! It’s my favourite thing EVER and since starting eating it i barely eat any other bread – well save for a garlic ciabatta but i can’t have that for breakfast unf!! It’s FAB piled high with fruit and nut butter at this time of year but i’ve also seen me piling on the apple compote come the cooler months. It also makes the avo on toast taste the BEST ever!!!

    Sad to hear that it’s all been a bit topsy-turvey at work for you but glad that it’s ran it’s course and you’re back on track!

    Sending love xxxx


    1. Ah yes of course – avocado!!! That’ll be my next one 🙂


  6. Ooh do – I’m loving HUGE salads at the moment – perfect for this heatwave! H x


  7. Natasha says:

    Beautiful shots here as always Helen, I especially love the shot of the beach on your beach – there’s nothing nicer than getting out in the evening for a stroll, it’s the nicest thing and your lunch did sound yummy! I must make a couple of your recipes you’ve posted recently on here now that summer is upon us! – Tasha


    1. Yes evening strolls are the BEST – the perfect antidote to a stressful day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Natasha says:

        Definitely agree!


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