Tomato and Rice Salad

Tomato and Rice Salad

Just a quickie to share a quick, simple and healthy salad with you – because don’t we all need those? I’m not a huge rice eater as I find it rather bland, but I do love it when it’s turned into a risotto, or cooked into big peppers where it takes on the sweet and tangy flavour of the vegetables. I’d  made some stuffed peppers from a gorgeous recipe from Rick Stein last week and made far too much rice which had spilled out and all over the dish. There’s a clip from his Mediterranean travels programme where he states that a stuffed pepper, done well, is one of the finest things you can eat and having tried his recipe I can quite see why he thinks this. But either he was more hungry than me or we’d filled up too much on the grilled chicken we had alongside but we had waaay too much rice.

Being forever hating to throw away food, I used the leftover tomatoey rice in the salad below. It was filling without being too stodgy, and wonderfully fragrant with the basil.

I’m entering it into Fiesta Friday, and FoodieFridayDIY, this week – have a look for some more ideas!

Tomato and Rice Salad
(serves 1)

4 tablespoons cooked rice (I used rice cooked in tomatoes from Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes but any kind of leftover rice will be fine).
1 large juicy chopped tomato
a 4 inch piece of cucumber, chopped
a generous scattering of torn fresh basil leaves
salt, pepper and lemon juice, to season


  1. Just mix!




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  1. Hi Helen, when I make stuffed tomatoes I always end up with an overflow of rice that I end up using in a meal on another day. Your rice and fresh tomato salad sounds rather tasty and would make a nice side dish when we stick meat on the barbecue. You can’t beat fresh tomatoes and fresh basil for a taste of summer.



    1. I didn’t realise it wasn’t just me-I had tons left over Debbie!! This was great for lunch though so all good 🙂


  2. pinkiebag says:

    Simple yet delicious and a great way to use up that rice, Chloe.

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