Wonderful Wednesday 25 May 2016

Branch and Blue Sky

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! And goodness me I need it this week. Here’s what made me smile this week:

1. A non-eventful Saturday. I woke up a little wound up. Work’s been busy busy busy in an office-politics kind of way. It’s easy to dismiss office politics for being just that – politics of a group of people who don’t really want to be around each other all day, being around each other all day. But I DO want to be around my colleagues. They’re my friends. I’m incredibly lucky to have a close knit group of pals with whom I hang out, chat, discuss, argue and work with all day long. But with close friendships and work-structures comes conflict, and I find it hard. So Saturday started slowly. As the day wore on however, I had a little read, did a little food shop, and started really relaxing around 6pm with an icy cold Gavi and some crisps. I baked a cake and all was well.

2. The afore-mentioned cake. I’m not a huge cake eater, but a home-made ginger cake courtesy of Nigel Slater’s recipe (it’s the best ginger cake recipe ever I promise you – found in the Kitchen Diaries) washed down with a peppermint tea hits the spot nicely.


3. A walk at lunchtime. I’d got out of the habit of having my little lunchtime walks and I’m not sure why. I walked as fast as my little legs could carry me on Friday in one direction, and then I turned and retraced my steps to make up my lunch hour. The sunshine, the smell of the water, the sounds of the ducks, was exactly what I needed.

Flowers and Blue Sky

5. Gooseberries. I’ve been searching high and low for them for AGES! Quite a few Booths supermarkets used to stock them, but they seem to have either sold out or stopped stocking them lately. But then, on an unrelated visit, I found hundreds and hundreds of them! I scooped and scooped and filled a huge bag with the little beauties, and have been having them in smoothies and whipped up with cream ever since.


6. Having the most perfect Sunday ever. Sometimes a day just works, you know? Waking up happy, energised, with the whole day ahead of you. We went to a beach and walked and walked and walked. We smelt the sea and listened to the waves crashing up onto the shore. When we arrived the tide was in but as we walked it started to go out and by the time we’d walked to the furthest point we were walking on sand. I was so stiff afterwards but it was so so so worth it. We had a wee little picnic and an ice cream and I was smiling all the way home.

Strawberries and Granola

7. The taste of Spring. Of asparagus and peas, beans and strawberries. The strawberries seem to be early this year – or are they always around in May? I snatched some great value ones this week and ate them with a spot of speedy granola – just a little melted butter, toasted oats and dark sugar. I ate it slowly with a little spoon as always, and it was super delicious.

What’s made you all smile this week? Have a look over at my lovely #wonderfulwednesday chums for some more happiness if it takes your fancy: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, Katie, Jo & Em.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Any day featuring the sea is a pretty good one, chuck in a picnic and an ice cream and you’ve got yourself a winner. Well done on making the most of you lunch break too, that hour in the middle of the day is blooming precious!
    Have a brilliant rest of the week.
    M x

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  2. Ooh you’ve made me want to go to the coast now – I’ve not been for ages and ages, I just love being by the sea – as you say the smell and sound is just amazing. It always knocks me out I sleep so well after a visit to the seaside 🙂
    The commercial British strawberries do seem to be a tad early this year which i’m surprised about given the late spring (unless of course they’ve been grown under cover perhaps). We grow a few at home and they are actually still in the flower phase so I should (hopefully) be able to pick them come Wimbledon fortnight.
    Angela x


    1. I always forget how happy the sea makes me until I get there and take a big breath! H x


  3. Cat says:

    So many tasty food mentionings this week, I approve! I love the sound of Nigel Slater’s ginger cake…I might try to find that and see if I can convert it to a delicious gluten free equivalent.

    I try to get out for a walk at lunchtime too…somehow the whole day seems longer without a little fresh air. Wish I could walk near water but the park near my office will do for the meantime! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! C xx


    1. I’m sure you could convert the cake you would just need different flour. Or almonds. Mmmmmm almonds….. Have a great week! H x


  4. sallytangle says:

    Hurrah to every last point in this sweet post! I said i thought that this year’s Strawberries were early – hey as long as they hang around i’m not complaining! I had them with cottage cheese the other day and it was DELIGHTFUL! You’ve properly made me crave gooseberries now and you’re right! You never really see them hangin’ around the supermarkets – wonder why? Might have a trip to the market at the weekend and see. I could go a lovely gooseberry and oat crumble!

    Ah i just love this whole list – such good little nuggets of happy – as always!

    Sal x


    1. Strawberries and cottage cheese???? Must try! H x


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