Meal Planning Monday 23 May 2016


Hello all and welcome to this week’s meal plan! I’m planning a couple of new recipes this week so I’ll let you know how they go and blog them if they’re good!


Monday – Sausage and Lentil Stew. I’m going to use green lentils instead of Puy – as they’re jolly expensive! I’ll add carrots and onion I think to liven them up. We love sausages but I’m getting bored of bangers and mash, and even The Hairy Bikers Great Sausage Casserole needs a rest for a while.

Tuesday – Bean Burgers. I ALWAYS turn to these. They’re one of those recipes I just make and make and make.

Wednesday – Asparagus and Pea Pasta because it’s spring 🙂

Thursday – Asparagus and Pea Pasta again!

Friday – we’re out with family

Saturday – Oven fish and chips. We hardly ever eat ready meals but one ‘ready meal’ we keep on hand is oven fish and chips. It feels a little more ‘real’ than a box of meat in gloop. At least there’s a real piece of fish in there, and we always have them with peas.

Sunday – Pizza! Now that I’ve mastered it, I think pizza might be a weekend staple.


Monday – Ham, Pea, Avocado and Lettuce Salad. It feels like the time of year for this. I’ll cook a real ham and make it special.

Tuesday – More ham salad

Wednesday – Lettuce, Egg and Asparagus Salad

Thursday – Tomatoes on Toast

Friday – I’m with my family

Saturday – Scrambled eggs 🙂

Sunday – Not sure yet – depends on what’s left!

Let me know what you’re all planning, and have a great week!

I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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