Wonderful Wednesday 11 May 2016


Kind of had to start this post with a pic of the beautiful fluffy blossom blooming all over the place lately. Puts a big beam on my face to look up and see these little pom poms blowing around in the breeze. I came down with a Big Bad Cold this weekend so I need this little Wonderful Wednesday spot more than ever to remind me that not all the days have been rubbish this week. I was absolutely fine all day Saturday but half way through the evening it all went wrong. We went out for a little ramble round the park and I came back sniffling and snivelling and feeling very sorry for myself. I woke up on Sunday morning with my head throbbing, and tucked into 2 cups of normal tea, two camomile teas, yoghurt, smoothie, and paracetamol. At least it was sunny so I could spent most of the day snoozing on my sunlounger 🙂

So here’s what kept me going before and after The Cold:


1. Whizzing out after work last week and having an hour’s stroll down the lanes behind the house. The little lambs were playing and when I walked past each field they all turned to look at me one by one – they really do follow each other it’s so funny 🙂 and then they started bleating like mad as if I was a HUGE danger to them – even though I was on the other side of the wall. I love wandering past farmland at this time of year. It’s one of their busiest times, as they make sure all the ewes are well cared for and then look after the little lambs. Farming’s one of the very few occupations, ways of life really, that are still intrinsically connected to the seasons. And it’s nice to be reminded of the natural cycle of the year sometimes in our busy busy world.


2. Long evenings. Long evenings where it’s warm outside are even better. I love sitting out on the back patio in the evening and hearing and smelling all that suburban garden ambience. Children playing – yes – they still play out round here! A football bouncing, cyclists whooshing down the hill. Lawnmowers, and the smell of freshly cut grass. Garage doors being opened. DIY. Hammering, sawing, power tools. Cooking smells and the radio, the clanking of cutlery as it’s set out on the table. The scraping of chairs as next door tuck into supper. Blackbirds chirping a last few melodies before settling down for the evening. Distant traffic. Talking from the garden behind ours. A barbeque, paraffin and sausages. The wind in the trees. The wind in the shrubs. A cat scratching around in the shrubs. An aeroplane. Bees.


3. Pottering round garden centres. The smells remind me of being young and being allowed into my granddad’s shed. The smell of damp wood, mud and petrol from their old fashioned lawnmower. I’m not a great gardener, but I’ve grown tulips this year (the ones in the photo are not mine though – they were outside the garden centre), as well as daffodils, snowdrops and potatoes. I’m so looking forward to the potatoes. I always said that one I owned my own home I’d start growing veggies – and that’s what I’ve chosen as a first experiment, so we’ll see what happens. So back to this week – we basically tootled off to the garden centre for a coffee and a potter, and to grab a new pot for a birthday present. A nice little nothingy afternoon 🙂

Roast Chicken

4. Oh COME ON. Look at that FEAST. Absolutely loved tucking into this on Saturday night. Before I got poorly, obv. We had roast chicken with the saltiest, sourest, sweetest marinade which dripped off the chicken and made the most lovely dip to dunk the home made flat breads into. A sweet cider and a spot of Guinness Pale Ale (v good). I love that pea dip too – sweet peas and sharp lemon juice is a perfect flavour combo. I had to really try hard not to eat the rest of this meal and save some for another day. Gorgeous.

Blossom Trees

5. Just the blossom. Every blogger on the planet is Loving The Blossom at the moment, and I can’t say I blame them. But it’s not just the blossom, the lambs, the warmth and the sunshine at this time of year is it? It’s the promise of what’s to come. The promise of time off over the summer. Of the summer holidays in general, as even without children to occupy, there’s something relaxing and just SLOWER than at other times of the year. People are more cheerful, everything’s more relaxed. Lunchbreaks are spent lounging on park benches or lying on the grass looking at the clouds. Summer clothes are so much nicer. I’ve treated myself to a new bright turquoise bikini and I’ll be back for some sunglasses very soon. Although currently, the swimwear is for the swimming pool and the sunglasses are for the back garden, but I’m always hopeful 🙂

6. Having a shower after a really hot day, and changing into fresh clothes afterwards. Hardly ever needed in northern England, but fabulous when it is.

So, dear readers, hope your weeks have been filled with those little nothingy moments that make you smile just that little bit more. If you’re after more happy thoughts, then head over to any of the other #wonderfulwednesday gang for more treats: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, Katie, Jo & Em.

If all the world wore a smiley face, and everyone had a grin, wouldn’t it be a happier place, for everyone to live in?


































6 Comments Add yours

  1. ljdove23 says:

    Oh wow this post made me so hungry!!! That looks delicious!! Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling poorly though, there’s always something doing the rounds isn’t there? Your photos are beautiful, the blossom ones especially! #MMBC


    1. Aw thanks. Yes the blossom took a long while to come out up here but now the trees and roads are covered in pink confetti – lovely!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sallytangle says:

    Oh good GRIEF this could be my favourite list of ALL TIME. So sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell and hoping that you’re feeling a lot better now BUT:

    That roast chicken! Mmm! That lovely long list of all of the things that you hear on a Summer evening?! Ah i just fell right into it and imagined i was listening too! I’m with you nodding along with every last point here!!!

    Lots of love xxxx


    1. YES roast chicken. There’s a reason I named my blog after it 🙂


  3. Cat says:

    Oh my goodness, your Saturday night spread looks absolutely incredible! I was hungry when I sat down to catch up on all the Wonderful Wednesdays and now I’m starving! Might have to source some gluten free flatbreads to make that myself…

    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rough, there’s definitely a lurgy going around…I know so many people who have been poorly.

    And, as I say every week (or at least think!), gorgeous photos 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week xx


    1. Just looked back at that post and want more flatbread now…it was SOOO yum! Have a great week! H x


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