Meal Planning Monday 9 May 2016


The warm weather has, of course, made me turn to summer recipes in the blink of an eye. I’m thinking grilled corn-on-the-cob, burgers piled high with crunchy salad, blackened aubergenes and dips. But we’re not quite there with any of those ingredients being in season yet, so I’ll stick with the asparagus, green green peas and super creamy potatoes for now, and very nice they are too 🙂


Monday – I’m out with colleagues. We’re having a pub dinner in the sun and I Can’t Wait.

Tuesday – A green pasta event. I’m not sure which greens yet – perhaps some grated courgette folded through some tagliatelle. Or maybe frozen broccoli and peas since we’ve already got these in the freezer which would make it very cheap. I’m LOVING these quick pasta suppers at the moment like my ABC Pasta or my Spinach and Asparagus Sheep’s Cheese Gnocchi. So versatile – just boil pasta and stir in whatever greens you fancy at the end. Add a few nuts, a bit of cheese, some cooked chicken…can’t really go wrong.

Wednesday – More pasta.

Thursday – Cod and mash with peas

Friday – Hot dogs 🙂

Saturday – I’m not sure about this – I might be out gadding so I won’t plan anything.

Sunday – Pulled Pork Buns. Haven’t had these for ages and they’re Simply The Best.


Monday – Scrambled egg on toast with asparagus, as I’m working from home 🙂


Tuesday – Crackers and Moutabal

Wednesday – More Crackers and Moutabal

Thursday – Maybe a Box Grater salad. I was reading through some old Good Food magazines the other day and I came across a recipe for fresh grated veg with a honey and olive oil dressing. Sounds good to me!

Friday – More of the salad – however it turned out – on the Thursday!

Saturday – This is where I think I’ll be out so I’m not sure…

Sunday – The usual – scrambled eggs on homemade toast. I think it was Nigel Slater who said if you can’t beat eggs – don’t try. Don’t try to be fancy. Eggs are delicious. I think he recommends a glass of something sparkly alongside 🙂

Hope you’re meal plans are all looking fabulous – have a look at Mrs Ms’s selection to see what everyone else is planning!


I love to hear what you think, what makes you smile and what you like eating - do leave a comment!

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