Raspberry and Blackcurrant Smoothie

Raspberry and Blackcurrant SmoothieSmoothies are still going strong in our house. Mr Roast Chicken has also started sampling them alongside his cereal in the morning (or on their own, if he’s running late) and I’ve even lost a few pounds! Well I think I have. I’m not sure how many as I don’t keep scales in the house (absolutely NOT!) but I have a bit of slack round and about me now and I’m Very Happy. I like to lose a bit of weight before summer as even though it’s the time of salads and light snacking I love salads and light snacking so much I need a bit of leeway in this department so I can eat and eat to my little tummy’s content.

I’m shaking it up now and not having them every day mainly due to the faff. Oh I KNOW they don’t take too long – but there’s still the adding liquid slowly to get the right consistency, the tasting, and the washing of the food processor.

Apart from that though they are super easy, and I think I’ll brave a green smoothie next.

A few people commented that they’re not filling enough for breakfast and it’s true – they’re not going to be right for an early breakie followed by any kind of strenuous movement. But if you’re not moving much and eat breakfast late like me, then they’re just the ticket. However, I did add oats to this one as it doesn’t have the more filling ingredients of yoghurt or bananas in it – just berries and milk so I thought it needed a little bit more stodge otherwise you’d definitely be reaching for the biscuit tin come 11am.

Hope you enjoy – I really liked this one, nice and tangy from the berries, but toned down just a touch by the milk.

Raspberry and Blackcurrant Smoothie
(serves 3)

3 handfuls each of frozen raspberries and frozen blackcurrants
3 tablespoons rolled oats
500ml milk (I used cows this time but I’m sure almond would be lovely)
around 250ml apple juice, for a bit of sweetness and to get the right consistency


  1. I blended the fruit and oats first with a splash of the milk – I think you’d have to do this first to make sure they’re properly crushed up when using a food processor.
  2. Once you’ve got a sorbet-type texture (and I had a little taste – this would make a GREAT sorbet) – then add the rest of the milk and the apple juice until you get the consistency you like.


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