ABC Pasta

ABC Pasta

It’s as easy as ABC.

Sorry. But I just had to call it that after writing the words ‘Asparagus, Broccoli and Chive’. And it really is super easy. My boyfriend just LOVES broccoli and he wolfed this down. I’m not really that keen, but I adore asparagus (who doesn’t?) and I know how healthy broccoli is so I combined the two here. Then after eating it once without the chives, I thought it could do with an extra…something. So I added lemon juice, parmesan, butter, chives and black pepper, and voila – WHAT a difference. Now full of zing and za za zoom this will have you smiling from cheek to cheek.

I’m going to try a few other boiled veg + pasta combinations as they’re just so easy when you can cook veggies at the same time as the pasta. And healthy too as you’re not using oil to sweat off veggies. Recently I’ve been using fresh pasta as I’m loving the soft texture it gives, not to mention the creamier flavour, so you put the veggies in first with this one then dunk the pasta in the water for the last few minutes.

Either way it’s ready well within 10 minutes 🙂

ABC (Asparagus, Broccoli and Chive) Pasta
(serves 2)

6 broccoli pieces (I use frozen as I keep bags of the stuff in the freezer)
250g asparagus, chopped into chunks
200g tagliatele
a handful of chopped chives
juice of half a lemon
salt and pepper
knob of butter
handful of parmesan


  1. Boil the broccoli in a large pan of salted water for about 5 minutes
  2. Add the asparagus and fresh pasta and cook for about 3 minutes (or according to packet instructions and the size of the asparagus)
  3. Drain off the water, then add all of the other ingredients and mix well.

You’re going to LOVE this one 🙂

I’m doing a bit of a mass link-up this week, joining the recipe with Fiesta Friday (co-hosted by Judi at and Cynthia at, FoodieFridayDIYRecipeoftheWeek, and the Extra Veg challenge from Helen, this month hosted by Utterly Scrummy.

19 Comments Add yours

  1. Wonderful photos, I’ve been taking a little walk around you blog. I love your pictures of the walks. Where do you live in the Lake District? My cousin lives in Chesterfield. I’ll be visiting there this fall. There are so many wonderful walks in that area.


    1. I love the name of your blog! I’m not in the Lakes – but near enough so I can go walking and walking and walking most weekends! It’s gorgeous – I know you’ll have fun! H x


  2. Cynthia says:

    Hmm…I never tried using these ingredients in pasta before but it sounds absolutely scrumptious. I love asapragus and broccoli and chives are just coming out of my garden! Thank you for sharing this at FF!


    1. It’s soooo good – the parmesan and lemon combo really makes it!


  3. Ginger Wroot says:

    Well, I love asparagus AND broccoli…and who doesn’t love pasta? So, yeah, this looks like my kind of dish! Can’t wait to try it!


    1. Have fun! I’m going to add peas next time x


  4. Love pasta and love veggies. Might have to substitute the asparagus – let’s see what other veggie begins with A. Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday.


    1. Are you not keen? Hmmm avocado? It would make it lovely and creamy!


      1. Never cared for asparagus after my first experience with it. It was thick and tough and I almost gagged. To this day I still won’t go near it. Avocado is perfect – a favorite on anything!


      2. Funny how people have such different tastes – I ADORE it! Can’t stand sprouts though they taste like sick to me!! Enjoy experimenting x x


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