Wonderful Wednesday 20 April 2016


1. Thornton’s Chocolates. Now I have to own here that I was a little bit disappointed in opening these. I thought it was a rebranded box of continentals which would have made the experience even better. As isn’t a Viennese Truffle a little bite of heaven? However, these were sufficiently lovely to be included in the Wonderful Wednesday countdown here, none the less due to the fact that they were a mere £4.50. And it’s always nice to buy a cheap box of chocolates for No Good Reason isn’t it? The only ones from this selection that I don’t like are the strawberry ones. They remind me of Calpol. Remember Calpol? Does it still exist? The FIRST Calpol though, not the one for older children that was orangey and yukky. What a huge let down SECOND Calpol was. Horrid. The FIRST Calpol was delicious, but not really what I want from a chocolate.


2. A weeknight involving cocktails with girlfriends by the seaside is always going to be lovely. We watched the sun go down whilst eating scrumptious Thai food and then headed over for some icy cold Mojitos.


3. Having a working week that was only 3 days long last week. I think that’s why I missed the might of the #wonderfulwednesday last week – I was super busy at work cramming 5 days into 3 – and then we raced off for a little break by the sea with family. I think I would like to do that every week – 5 day weeks are just not what one needs really are they?


4. Having a little wander down the canal at lunch. Sniffing some fresh air and seeing the sun. My office lacks outside light (isn’t that the WORST?!) so I really really need my little escapes come lunchtime. This time I walked as fast as my little legs could carry me in one direction for 30 minutes, and then did the same in reverse – an hour’s lunch break well spent methinks!


5. Feeling like I’ve finally ‘got’ me. When I was younger, I tried out different things, different viewpoints, different friends, going out, staying in, exercising, not exercising, drinking loads, staying sober, making things, reading, writing and partying. Now I feel like I have actually found myself, and also that I actually know what that means. I’m also oh-so-aware I sound pretty similar to an 18 year old on a gap year. Alas. But it’s true – I know what I like and I like what I know. I’m now going to age really really quickly from now on I reckon.


6. The assault on the senses that is standing by a rough sea as the tide comes in. Spray flying into your face (but you don’t care), nose filled with salty air, the huge rumbles and crashes…. exhilarating. I wish I lived right next to the sea so that I could step outside my front door and see this – wouldn’t that be lovely? But we’re pretty close, and there’s nothing I love better than wrapping up warm (as isn’t the British seaside usually freezing whatever time of year it is?!) and heading on out there.

Now your turn – we have a whole crowd of wonderful Wednesday buddies and you can read all about their weeks’ little gleams of happiness: SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, Katie, Jo & Em.   

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  1. Cat says:

    Beautiful beautiful photos, Helen! You really make me crave the countryside/sea when your photos pop up on Twitter and seeing them all together in one post makes my heart sing!

    Oh wow, I loved the first Calpol flavour too…the second was a really cruel shock – preparation for adulthood, about 15 years early?! I usually love strawberry flavour chocolates but you’re right, calpol strawberry does not sound appetising.

    Glad to hear you’ve got more of an idea of *you* and what you like and need in life, I think it’s really important. Sometimes you need to gently remind yourself of it to keep on track. Good luck 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend (I’m so late catching up with everyone’s posts this week!) x

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  2. Kate says:

    I’m so jealous of you living near the sea. The photo of the spray is just magical. It makes me feel really small when I look out to sea and think about the massive power of the waves. It’s my calm happy place and I can’t wait to move near the coast in September.

    Chocolates, just because, sound wonderful. The elusive ‘getting it’. Understanding what you are deep down. I’m so happy you’ve got it. I’m on my way, but I think it takes time to listen to yourself.

    As always stunning photos. Have a fabulous end to your week!
    Kate xx


    1. You too – thanks for dropping by!


  3. Natasha says:

    Oh so many lovely moments here – I especially love the one about standing next to the sea, it never fails to make me feel better and what a gorgeous shot that is too! I definitely understand what you mean about finally getting yourself, I’ve often ended up trying to fit in and be more grown-up or dress differently, and it’s never worked for me – it’s amazing what just doing what you love can finally do for you so amen to that! – Tasha


    1. It was early evening and the sea was so beautiful! H x

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      1. Natasha says:

        It looked lovely!


  4. sallytangle says:

    Gaaah HELEN that ferocious last photo is just perfect! I HAVE SEA ENVY!!!!! I love the sound of your three day week – spare me a thought i’ve got eight days in a row at work from tomorrow BUT a lovely ten whole days off after! Hurrah!

    I love that you go for a little green potter on your lunch, i bet it does you the world of good. There’s something about green and blue skies isnt there?! I couldn’t bear to live in London as fab as it is, i need my green fixes!!!!

    Wishing you the most wonderful of wednesdays xxxx


    1. 8 days in a row is RUBBISH! But how FABULOUS your 10 days off will feel – are you going anywhere nice? h xx


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