Wonderful Wednesday 30 March 2016

IMG_2457Hello lovelies how have your weeks been? For little old me with my office job, any week which involves a 4 day weekend, with an extra day of holiday tagged onto the end of it has to be pretty darn amazing 🙂 Here’s just a few snippets that have made this week great:

1. Being with family. The older I get (I’m not that old, just feel it). What is old anyway? I digress… the more I want to spend time with my family. Someone (no I can’t remember who) said that noone ever lies on their deathbed wishing they’d spent longer in the office. And how that makes sense. I want to do all the things and be with the people that REALLY make me happy, not the ones I have to do and people I have to be with to make a living.


2. Green tea with salted caramel. Thank You. I’m loving my teas at the moment, and this one perks me up in a way that makes me feel alive but not hyper, but it’s that toffee scent that’s got me – it’s just DIVINE and makes me feel (a bit) like I’m eating a toffee.


3. Speaking of caramel – yes please more The Collective Russian Fudge yoghurt. I’m having a bit of a yoghurt thing at the moment. I bought some beautiful rhubarb and after stewing it with caster sugar, have been dolloping it on greek yoghurt and sprinkling with museli in the mornings for breakfast this week. I’m not a super-sweet-breakie kind of girl though, so I’ve been saving The Collective Russian Fudge Yoghurt for a SUPER perfect post-dinner treat. Is two helpings of yohurt every day for many days too much yoghurt? How much is too much? #firstworldproblems


4. Reading. I’ve been really getting into my reading groove lately and LOVING it. I read a super exciting but interestingly understated dramatic account of the sinking of a fishing boat in the Southern Ocean last week “Last Man Off: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Antarctic Seas” By Matt Lewis. I just read and read and read and it was lovely to loose myself in something. I find maritime accounts really fascinating. It’s a world I know little about, and have no experience of save watching and re-watching A Perfect Storm every year. (love). But real-life shipping and fishing can be worryingly similar to that disaster film, which itself is based on a non-fiction book, and I find it fascinating that our modern society accepts that. I’ve also read Reasons to Stay Alice by Matt Haig, a short but vivid account of his journey through depression. Now I’m onto ‘What I Talk About When I’m Running’ by the writer of Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami, which is about the relationship between his running and writing. And I’m starting to think I might do a little mini-series on book reviews. Mainly to link up with other book (particularly non-fiction) book lovers. Any recommendations anyone? I like easy to read but well written books. Ahem. Don’t we all?…



5. Oasis. Not the drink, although I’m partial to a good swig of that on a hot day. The 90s indie-band. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia, the music, the lyrics, or just remembering how sexy the Gallagher brothers were in their heyday (still are?) – but I was BEAMING on the way up to my parents house last weekend, as we were singing along to their greatest hits in the car. Came home to a bit of Stereophonics in my living room. Love the lyrics. Love Kelly Jones (noticing a bit of a theme here??) Just realised he’s got a girl’s name. Never thought of that before.


6. Not drinking. I don’t want to be a martyr (actually I do) but I’ve been drinking less recently and it’s making me feel great. It’s a real struggle for me to not over-indulge, and likewise for many people I imagine. Many, many social occasions involve alcohol, and it’s very difficult to sit with a soft drink. It’s not really the stigma and the questions, but the ‘keeping up’ with friends, who even after one drink, become more vocal, more lively. But I find it really hard to have just one drink. That relaxation and interaction with other people that becomes so easy after one drink is such a great feeling, I find it really really hard to stop there. I basically get excited and then want three or four drinks. And then, as I’m no longer 18 – I really feel the effects the following day. So I’m trying really really hard to not drink unless I’m in company, and then having just that one drink. I’m not there yet, but I’m there a lot more than I used to be, and my mornings are so much brighter 🙂

Cows.JPGWhat’s made you all smile this week? Are you off with the kids or at work? Or just off? I love to hear from you!

And do hop along over to the FABULOUS #wonderfulwednesday team SallyKate, and Michelle who I PROMISE will make you smile from side to side 🙂

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    Ahhh what a great week! I love salted caramel anything but have never tried salted caramel green tea before, will have to investigate… Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and I completely agree that having a long weekend is a real treat when you’re working – more please!

    C x


    1. Me too – love salted caramel hagen daaz ice cream THAT is the bees knees 🙂


  2. Kate says:

    I feel like I’m such a martyr when I talk about not drinking, but honestly it’s what works for me. It’s even made it to my Wednesday list too.
    As always your photos are gorgeous.
    Have a fab week Helen


    1. It works for me too – although I do love a nice glass or two of ice cold white wine – I could never stop completely! H x


  3. Michelle says:

    I loved all of this but all I can think of is that green tea/salted caramel bombshell. Yowser.

    Super glad you enjoyed an awesome long weekend, I did zilch. It was heavenly. Although I do regret not reading more. I definitely should have read more.

    M x


    1. Tv or book tv or book lazy or virtuous, lazy or virtuous, sober or pissed etc etc life’s dilemmas…


  4. Anca says:

    That yogurt with rhubarb looks delicious, it’s a great idea. x


    1. It’s delicious, creamy and sharp and sweet!


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