Meal Planning Monday 21 March 2016


Happy Spring everyone! It’s a cloudy day here but still full of birds tweeting and flowers peeping out from under the bushes in the borders. Love It. I’m currently trying to prolong the weekend by drinking tea with the door open, pretending I don’t have to go to work soon…

Here’s my meal plan, and head over to for more!

Monday – Greek Stuffed Peppers with grilled chicken and home made flatbreads. I’m not about to make all of this after work later btw – we’re having the peppers cold from yesterday, I’ll roll a couple more flatbreads from the proved dough in the fridge and grill some chicken. The stuffed peppers are delicious and I used this Rick Stein recipe from his Mediterranean travels – love that programme it ALWAYS makes me want to book a holiday πŸ™‚

Tuesday – Better Jacket Potatoes and Beans (borlotti and cannellini this time) this is SO delicious, filling and cheap – top with cheddar for a sublime taste sensation πŸ™‚

Wednesday – Hairy Bikers Great Sausage Casserole with crusty bread with which to dunk – this is probably the thing I cook the most – I think we must have it every month or so. So moreish, really filling, and always best made the day before so that the flavours have time to develop.

Thursday – More Sausage Casserole – should be even tastier by now…

Friday – We’re out with family

Saturday – Fresh Tagliatelle with Basil and Lemon and maybe a little parmesan if I remember to buy any.

Sunday – Maybe some roast lamb for Easter πŸ™‚

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds super yummy! Great meal plan x


    1. Thanks – have a good week! H x


  2. sebsmummy says:

    Oh my goodness tonight’s dinner sounds so lovely, I wish I had the energy to cook that tonight! Have a fab week #mealplanningmonday


    1. Mmmm just eaten it and I confirm that it was indeed yummy. Yes – a bit of effort though definitely one for a Sunday! h x


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