Wonderful Wednesday 16 March 2016


Morning all! And a happy nearly-Spring Wonderful Wednesday to you all! Here’s what’s made me happy this week, as we drift into warmer sunnier (I hope) times:

1. All The Flowers. I know it’s a cliche and every blog on the blogosphere (think that was cliche no.2) is talking about it – but aren’t the flowers lovely? I’ve still got the daffs and the snowdrops but now the sweet little crocuses are out in all their glory – and there are LOADS of them in my garden – whole carpets of purple and yellow it’s lovely!

2. Sitting outside in the sun on my lunch break, reading my kindle and listening to music. Music has a wonderful way of taking you elsewhere, and elsewhere is most definitely where I’d like to be on my lunchbreak thankyou very much. I’ve been tuning in and switching off, sitting in my coat and scarf and soaking up any rays that come my way.

3. More sitting – this time in the morning, with the garden patio door open once more, listening to the cute little birds chirp as they go about their business pulling out sticks and dry grass for their nests. I’m loving feeling the cool morning air first thing as I sip my tea, it’s refreshing after my regulation 9 hours under the duvet.


4. New sheets and new jim jams night. WHAT a great feeling that is. And this week’s was particularly delightful, as I’d dried the sheets outside for the first time this year, so they smelt all fresh and outdoorsy. Even better this week as I was extra careful tucking the sheets under nice and tight and as hotelesque as I could manage. Although I still woke up at 6.45am because of next door’s baby and tweeting birds. Can’t win em all.


5. Toast. Just love it. Currently loving it at about 10.30pm as a little pre-bed snack, with butter and marmite and a glass of milk. Writing that down it suddenly seems like rather an odd combination, but one that always hits the spot for me. Sometimes homemade and wholemeal, often a crumpet or three, and occasionally a piece of medium white sliced.

6. Escaping out for a quick walk at the weekend after a huge Sunday lunch. Everything now smells great, and the little lambs were jumping around in the fields. Unbelievably cute.

IMG_24157. Going swimming on a Saturday night. Ok that might not be the most hip hop and happening way to spend a Saturday night, and yes I was the youngest person in the pool, but in fact for most of my swim I was the ONLY person in the pool and it felt fantastic. I think I’d quite like to be super rich and buy my own swimming pool as it was just superb to be gliding through without slow people or fast people or, heaven forbid, children. Yes I enjoyed that very much indeed.

And there’s more – my Wonderful Wednesday chums have plenty to say on the subject – head on over to the blogs of SallyKate, and Michelle for lots lots more 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hasn’t it been brilliant to sit outside and just feel a bit of sunshine on your face? I’ve bundled up and nodded off in the garden a few times this week, no regrets.
    We’ve just bought a new washing line too, I can’t wait for fresh outdoorsy smelling sheets. The BEST!

    Have a brilliant rest of the week. Hope you get heaps more sunshine and flowery friends.
    M x


    1. YES love that warm feeling – I suppose it’s coz we feel it so infrequently! I got my deckchair out yesterday for the first time and had a wonderful couple of hours reading and sleeping – pure bliss! Hope it’s the same next weekend! 🙂


  2. sallytangle says:

    I feel you on the flower appreciating and who cares if everyone else is waxing lyrical about ’em?1 They are flipping glorious this time of year and especially so after what felt like such a grey winter, don;t you think?!

    Mornings are totally my jam lately too. They are largely helped by the fact that its light so early and makes getting up so much easier but i’ve been loving warming my hands on my first mug of tea and feeling a little bit of a cool breeze too. Soon it’ll be warm enough to sleep with the window open. i cannot tell you happy that makes me! It’s the simple things for sure.

    Thanks ever so much for joining in again and for sharing your lovely bits!!! Have a wonderful rest of week mrs xxxx


    1. It was an AWFUL winter wasn’t it! At least we got a speckling of snow! I’m finding the early mornings a bit hard as I don’t HAVE to get up at 6.30am (sorry!) and so I don’t really want to!!! Think we’re going to install some blackout blinds for hotelesque darkness 🙂


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