Wonderful Wednesday 9 February 2016

A Country Walk (2)

Hello and happy Wonderful Wednesday! This week’s been a funny one – the weekend was lovely but I’ve been struggling a bit with the last few days. But this post’s reminding me that I’ve a lot to smile about  – and here’s what’s making that possible:

1. Spending most of the weekend outdoors – just look at those colours – aren’t they gorgeous?! We leapt out of bed on Sunday morning (well I did – Mr Roast Chicken took a couple of teas before coming round) and headed out here in the wind and the salty air. And it was just fabulous. There’s something about the sea air that takes me right back to being a child. I don’t know why that is. Yes, I grew up near the sea and yes I’ve spent many a childhood holiday by the sea – but I’ve also then spent another 20+ years near the sea. So why do I smell it and feel 9 years old again? In any case, it was a fresh spring clean for the mind and body and felt great.

A Country Walk

2. Having a work-free mind this weekend. I’m quite good at switching off, but I have to work at it. For me, this means not hanging around with colleagues till past 10 on Friday night soaking up prosecco and work related sorrows in the pub (tempting and very common though it is!). I still have a quick drink as I do love my colleagues 🙂 but I try to keep it to that little tipple, which leaves me the rest of Friday evening to unwind with my boyfriend, watching a film and cooking up something tasty. Then I usually manage to wake up on Saturday refreshed and ready for some me time. If I’m not – I head outdoors. A change of scene often does the trick when a night away from work has not. And this weekend I really did feel free of work worries for pretty much the whole time. Win.

Wonderful Wednesday

3. Spending time walking with family. Because they won’t be here for ever.

Wonderful Wednesday (2)5. Seeing this tree alone, with the changeable Cumbrian weather brewing in the background. We’d started the walk in warm sunshine, had a little drizzle in the middle, but on the way back the sun started to peep out again. These changes made for lots of beautiful cloud colours that made me smile 🙂


4. I’ll blog this separately, but it was so good it deserves a double mention – making a super duper pork casserole for Friday night dinner. With real pork from a real butcher, crunchy sharp apples and oodles of double cream – that was a little plate of heaven, to be repeated very soon 🙂

A Country Walk

5.Sunshine, and lots of it. Isn’t it uplifting? It puts a real spring in my step first thing if the sun is shining – and it’s done just that on lots of days this week.


6. The sea. Fresh, choppy, wonderful. Even though I’d already been for one walk on Sunday, we came back for lunch and I had itchy feet to be outside again. And sometimes I think the weekend feels longer if I’m out and about quite a lot – do you feel that? So I put my scarf and hat back on and headed off out – also to the sea, as I couldn’t get enough of the smell. I walked for miles and miles across the sand and I was so happy to be away from all the noise and hustle and bustle. A perfect Sunday if ever there was one 🙂

What’s made you happy this week? I’m off to see what SallyKate, Michelle have to say on this wonderful Wednesday now – have lovely weeks!

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  1. lifeasunusuals says:

    Posts like this are perfect little pockets of happiness to remind ourselves that the days aren’t all that bad. There’s something perfectly refreshing about the sea, I rarely get to visit it but when I do, it’s the place to be, always.

    So many gorgeous photos of blue skies and nature to brighten up any week!


  2. sallytangle says:

    Such lovely lovely pictures Helen! Also the sea has a way of fixing absolutely anything doesn’t it?! When we were little we used to quite often get wrapped up warm and mum would pack a big flask of tea and a packet of cookies and we’d go to the beach. Sometimes in the middle of Winter. It just fixes everything. I’m a bit like you, if i feel….out of sorts and don’t know why, i know that being outdoors will sort me out. I quite often get in from work and go straight back out on my bike, just clear my head.

    Also THAT pork!!!! Mmmmm!!!!!

    Have a fab week lovely one xxxx


    1. Cookies + tea +beach = excellent!


  3. Michelle says:

    Such beautiful pictures, I seem to have so many devonish versions of your lonely tree – they’re always so tempting to snap as you’re out exploring. Plenty of sea and fresh air and good grub, this is my favourite of your Wonderful Wednesdays yet.

    I’ve been enjoying the sunshine and eating a lot of cake, both of those things have made this week pretty great.
    M x


    1. Love a lonely tree – and glad your week is going well 🙂


  4. Seren says:

    Gorgeous pictures and you have made me want to be outside right now – although it is currently about as grey and miserable outside as you can get. Hopefully it will brighten up by the weekend. x


    1. Thanks – bit miserable here too today! Have a lovely week xx


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